Welcome to the final episode of an eight part series with Koren Motekaitis of How She Really Does It.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Intrinsic value
  • Extrinsic value
  • Everything you create transforms you
  • Ice cream + approval whoring
  • Connection
  • Hold vision of who we are becoming
  • Being a slow learner
  • Honoring who we are

1:40 Why value is a judgment word

7:05 Intrinsic value does not rely on a measurement of meaning

9:08 How a car crash

12:45 What we value/incoming tide

13:41 Life calls us to make discernment about intrinsic value

16:11 Everything you create transforms you and the world around you

21:31 Recovering from the need of external approval

27:02 Devotion to our clients is the expression of love in action

28:20 Why approval carries judgment

32:20 Who will I become as I evolve?

45:00 Know your value and show up to be with other people

47:51 Be aware of your intrinsic value and what you value

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