The third of an eight part series with Koren Motekaitis of How She Really Does It.

Learn why love is the basis of all transformation, loving yourself and listening to yourself is essential for growth, and tips on practicing what love means.

In this conversation about love we discuss:

4:00 Love is a great adventure

17:20 Loving yourself enough in a situation to be true to yourself

19:45 Love is a quality of soul, not a feeling

22:30 Power is the active form of love

28:00 Matching the energy of people who trigger you

30:58 Relationships and sharing our stories

32:30 Love for ourselves must be grounded into truth

38:00 Trust is always built on experience

43:20 The potential for love is always there

44:00 What does love mean to you?

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Love is the basis of all transformation. 

What you love loves you, what you want, wants you

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