Welcome to the sixth of an eight part series with Koren Motekaitis of How She Really Does It.

Join Hiro and Koren in this conversation about lifelong learning, the many forms it takes, and exploration of ourselves and our world. Asking what you need to feel safe to enter the uncertainty of learning, Hiro shares about her travels to Germany and around her own neighborhood.

3:00 The innate curiosity of children

2010 film Babies

6:04 The notion that learning is limited to one aspect of our lives does not match reality

8:08 Learning is not a choice, it’s a biological and cultural imperative

10:24 The willingness to learn is the willingness to be changed by what we encounter

19:13 There are stages in learning that require us to lean on others and there are stages we have to do by ourselves

21:45 Learning in the moment vs processing a lesson after the moment

26:02 Any change makes everything change

28:15 Learning as an archeological dig – energetically and spiritually vs intellectually, emotionally and physically

31:24 Being a “slow learner” is moving at a pace that allows and invites every part of yourself to move together

37:46 Looking at learning over the course of a year

43:00 The fun of learning

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