Tomorrow is my birthday. All week, I have dreamed of giving birth, of being born.

Birth is a violently propulsive process. The push and thrust, the bloody, messy explosiveness of it – these are pale rumors, grunted intimations of the perilous journey into incarnation.

It takes power to gather your prodigious soul into the confines of a brand-new body.

The first twelve hours that I labored to give birth to my older son, I thought: This is so much easier than I’d imagined! Stay present and focused through the contractions. Breathe. Use the spaces in between to recover. Onward!

Hours later, fully dilated, I pushed until the blood vessels in my eyes burst. Pushed until I’d turned my insides out and my whole body trembled and bucked like a dying whale.

It wasn’t enough.

It took many more hours, and the skilled hands of an obstetrician, to bring my son safely into the world.

Giving birth took me beyond my mind’s illusion that I could control the pattern of events. The labors of my body, my son’s entry into life – these happened in a nuclear radiance that was closer to the birth of stars and galaxies than to any of my fantasies about birth and motherhood.

There are primal forces that labor together to bring about any birth. Devas of Earth and Cosmos, ancestral beings, all the multi-dimensional allies of my son’s incarnation, entered that birthing room, adding their necessary power to the culmination of this long labor.

As entrepreneurs, we conceive, gestate and give birth to new creations as part of the ongoing unfolding of our businesses. We dissolve creations that are no longer relevant or useful to our markets. We stand bewildered, in the empty spaces left behind.

We face our own uncertainties and fears every single day. We begin again – drawing on our imagination, heart, courage and devotion to guide us through the next great labor, to give birth to our vision, our own unfolding selves, our evolving businesses, our changing place in the world.

In the midst of flying deadlines and the onslaught of more demands than we can possibly meet, it’s easy to forget that the work we do is part of the creative activity of the Universe itself.

It’s easy to narrow our vision to the immediate tasks that breathe hot and heavy down our necks. To feel alone, intimidated by and painfully aware of our own limitations. We spend sleepless nights rehearsing ways to carry the burdens that bow our backs and hollow our hearts.

We struggle to remember why we got into this business of business in the first place. What happened to the joy, the enthusiasm, the sense of possibility and freedom that called us to our work?

These feelings of inadequacy and overwhelm are messages from your soul. A reminder from the whole breathing, pulsing Universe that this labor, whose call you have answered, is not yours to bear alone. There are unseen forces at work, laboring with you.

If you ask for their help, if you call on them as creative partners and allies, they will gladly lend you their vision, their power, and their miraculous capacity to bring about the birth of this creation.

Open your eyes. Look.

Look to the miracle that you are.

See the ongoing miracle of creation all around you.

You are part of the Universe’s perfect unfolding. Your business is too.

You belong. You are loved. You are Love.

You are the activity of Love in the world. Your business is too.

When you find yourself drowning in confusion or overwhelm, heart-skipping as you race to meet deadlines, feeling like you’re juggling flaming swords in a three-ring circus, remember this:

You are the creative activity of the Universe at play.
The powers of the Universe support and serve your perfect unfolding.
They support and serve the perfect unfolding of your business too.

Ask for what you need.
Receive what you truly desire.
Look to the horizon.

It’s closer than you think.


Come, fill your basket with gifts this week, to celebrate my birthday.

You’ll find the first one here, with more to follow.