What do you want? In your deepest heart, what is your true desire?

All our striving stems from the same fundamental human desires:

To be safe. To be provided for. To provide for the ones we love.

To be free. To love and be loved. To be happy and healthy.

To belong. To be at home in the world.

To live in harmony with our fellow beings. To be peaceful, generous, kind.

To be whole. To live in healthy, whole communities.

To serve. To help others be happy, healthy and free.

To be a source of love, blessing and joy.

Next month, my first grandchild will arrive in this world. Lately, I’ve taken to talking with my soon-to-be grandbaby. This gentle, radiant being, who is preparing to make the long journey from the world of spirit to our complex, beautiful, sometimes-fractured world.

I tell her (or him!) that s/he is so welcome here, so deeply loved. That who she is – her particular, unique self, the Sacred in the shape of her – is a source of such joy, even before she’s arrived.

I tell her about the world I want her to experience. The astonishing beauty and delight of it. The bewildering variety of experiences it offers.

For her, and for all of us, I want to help shape a world that welcomes and nourishes her whole self. A world in which she is free and loved, in which she is prosperous and flourishes. In which she is blessed and blessing.

The central imperative of my life has been this nexus of love and freedom, prosperity, service and blessing. More than anything, I want this for myself; I want it for you all.

Love. Freedom. Prosperity. Service. Blessing.

These are qualities of the Sacred. And because we are the Sacred in human form, the seeds of these qualities are planted in our hearts; they are part of our essence.

We can nurture love and freedom, prosperity, service and blessing, in ourselves and in each other. We can grow them so they are a strong and consistent presence in our daily lives.

This is the deeper meaning of sovereignty. You rule your world by developing loving, consistent presence.

When you make the inner shift to your Source-ness – when you become a Source of all that you truly want – you rule your world by serving it.

Your business, too, is a sovereign being, an emanation of the Sacred. It too rules its world through loving presence.

It’s my deepest wish that you and your business become all that you are. That you bring your wholeness, your genius, your power, fully into the world, to serve and bless and shape it with your presence.