You Are A Miracle wallpaper/poster

My birthday gift for you today is a poem — You Are a Miracle.
A reminder of the magical, multidimensional miracle that is You.

You are a miracle.
Everyone and everything in your life is a miracle too.

This gift is offered in two different formats, as a printable pdf poster, and as digital wallpaper/background for your computer monitor.

1. Here is a poster version of the poem, You Are a Miracle.
Download and print it by clicking on the link above.

  • Pin it on the wall of your study or office, to remind you that the work you do is Sacred play.
  • Hang it in your bedroom, and dream your miraculous life into being.
  • Put it on your refrigerator, and nourish your miraculous self with delicious food.

2. And here is a jpeg version of the poster — digital wallpaper for your computer monitor.
It is formatted to work with most standard monitor resolutions.

You can also pin it to your Pinterest board.

Directions for setting the image as a computer monitor background – note that (of course!) operating system versions vary:

Mac OS X

      1. Click

the link



      2. Image will open in the browser window. Control-click the image and select Save Image As… from the pop-up menu menu. Save the image to the Pictures folder in your home directory.


      3. From the Apple Menu, choose System Preferences and click Desktop & Screensaver.


    4. Choose the Pictures folder from the lefthand menu. Click on the image, and close System Preferences.


      1. Click

the link



    2. The image will open in the browser window. Right-click on the image, and from the pop-up menu choose Set as Background/Wallpaper.

You are a gift. A true and ongoing miracle.
How do you feel, when you open yourself to the wonder of this — today and every day?