I’m over-the-moon happy to announce the arrival, today, of my new book, To Be Soul, Do Soul: Adventures In Creative Consciousness.

It’s been a hard year for many. The world lurches in drunken spirals of increasing violence, fragmentation, dislocation and corruption. Our lives feel forcibly driven by false urgency and manufactured desire. For those of us who are sensitive to energy, we are devastated anew each day by news of appalling tragedies, of pain inflicted and received. The clamour and toxicity to which we’re exposed daily makes it increasingly difficult to hear the quiet wisdom that is the inner ground of our being.

And yet, our most precious resource is always available to us, no matter who we are or where and how we live. Each of us is an incarnate soul, a radiant, powerful source of all that our earth needs to flourish in beauty, wholeness and peace.

Your soul is as real and true as the sun, the wind, the seasons. It’s your unfailing guide, heart’s companion, unassailable treasure. Soul is the power that fuels all life on this earth. Our problems are immense, complex and seemingly intractable. Soul — with its qualities of Divine Order, its blueprints for the perfect unfolding of all forms of life — holds the key to the healing and restoration of our world.

On a personal level, soul gives you the capacity to step back from the maelstrom, and see clearly the future etched for you by love and true desire. Sit firmly in the seat of your soul, and you’ll discover the flexibility that moves beyond binaries to activate the wholeness that underlies all things.

Soul offers you perspective, a deeper, truer, more comprehensive vision, AND the power to act to bring it into being. Soul is not a concept or a thought — it is an activity. To be soul, in a human incarnation, is to do what soul does best. It is to be a source of goodness, kindness, love, harmony, discernment, play, power and so much more.

To Be Soul, Do Soul offers practical, playful experiments in creative consciousness; ways to develop flexibility of mind and heart, to discover the intricacies of your own being, and to befriend life-forms utterly different from yours — from the dirt beneath your feet, to galaxies far beyond our own.

These experiments are designed as explorations into the byways of our inner and outer worlds — landscapes that we rarely traverse, but that offer so much richness, beauty, playfulness and joy.

Play with the practices in To Be Soul, Do Soul to embody more fully those qualities of soul that are already within you, as seeds or potentials. Develop greater creativity, understanding, compassion and a sky-wide vision of creative possibilities, as you partner with the inter-dimensional realms of consciousness to create heaven on earth.

To Be Soul, Do Soul is available to purchase now. Order your copy by December 31, 2017, and receive these exclusive bonuses, which I trust will enrich your experience with the book:

Bonus #1: Exclusive Audiobook
Listen to this selection of beautiful recordings during your meditation time or as a part of your creative practice. Take them with you on a walk in the woods, or simply listen on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Bonus #2: Private Do Soul Book Club
Each week for 8 weeks, you’ll explore these practices with fellow adventurers in a private Facebook forum. Connect and share your insights with our community, learn from each other’s experiences and stories, and deepen your connection with your soul. I’ll share enhanced meditations, and offer at least one live call during our 8-week book club.

Click here to secure your own copy of the book and receive these special bonuses.

“Hiro Boga’s gleaming book, To Be Soul, Do Soul is a glowing leaping catalyst and buoyant companion for transformation from the inside that results in changes on the outside.

Hiro is a seer and sayer for this world and all the other dimensions.”

SARK author, artist, inspirationalist PlanetSARK.com

“If you’re seeking a deeper connection to your soul, look no further than Hiro Boga’s To Be Soul, Do Soul: Adventures in Creative Consciousness. This handbook of soulful practices will help you to tap into your consciousness, invoke your sense of creative play, and nourish your spirit. The practices are easy to do and don’t take much time. But they are powerful. I’m revisiting my favorites and discovering new layers each time. Hiro’s words are pure poetry and these mini-experiments are a magical balm for the soul.”

Theresa Reed, author of The Tarot Coloring Book, TheTarotLady.com.

Several of you have asked, “How can I help spread the word?” Thank you for your generosity in sharing this work, and placing this book in the hands of the folks whom it’s meant to serve.

Here are some ways you can be part of the book’s unfolding story:

  • Buy the book, play with the explorations in it, and share your favorites with friends who could use a reminder of their own beauty, courage, power and sacred personhood.
  • Write a loving review and share kind words about the book, here, or on Goodreads.
  • Tell your friends about the book, using the social share buttons you’ll find on this page.
  • Give copies of To Be Soul to your loves — that special friend, family member, colleague or client who shares your desire for a more soulful, joyful way of being in the world. (You can gift the exclusive bonuses to your recipient, too, by following the instructions on this page).
  • Interview me for your blog, podcast, TV show — whatever your medium. I’d love to connect with your folks and share wisdom, inspired practices, and practical guidance to support their soul’s journey. Please email [email protected] to arrange an interview.
  • Post these images of the book’s cover on Facebook or Instagram, share your experiences with the practices in the book, and use the hashtags #ToBeSoul_DoSoul and #AdventuresInCreativeConsciousness.

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  • Write a review of To Be Soul, Do Soul on your blog, in your newsletter, on social media, or wherever else you like — and encourage people to go to this page and purchase their own copy.
  • Share your story — on your blog, podcast, in your newsletter (anywhere you feel led to share) — about how the book’s practices have transformed something difficult or challenging in your life, or expanded your creative vision, or affected you in positive ways. As you share your story, you’ll be a beacon to others who wish to find their way home, to discover their own intimacy with soul.

Do all, or some, or none of these things. Do what your heart calls you to do. Do soul.

Be a source of soul in the world.

Spread joy, magic and delight among your family, your friends, your clients, your partners and those who play in the world of your business. May we each be a source of soulful blessing in our world.



P.S. Don’t forget that, until December 31, you’ll receive two valuable bonuses with your purchase of To Be Soul, Do Soul. Click here to discover all the details and order your copy of the book. Click here to discover all the details and order your copy of the book.