Here in British Columbia, we’re in the grip of wildfires that have devastated communities in the interior of the province. Although I live on the West coast, several hundred miles from where the forest fires are raging, the sky here is smeared a sulfurous yellow. Smoke from the fires continues to drift our way on the currents of westerly winds.

It’s a stark reminder that our world is intimately connected, that everything we do has consequences, which often reach far beyond our ability to predict or control.

We cannot predict how our creative dreams will unfold, or who we will become, when we say Yes to them. But we can choose to love and nurture them, we can choose to make space for their becoming.

When we voice our dreams and desires, when we declare our devotion to them, act to bring them into being and welcome them into our world, we open a portal between their world and ours. Our creative power builds a bridge between the subtle energy realms, in which our creations live until they are ready to be born, and our physical world.

By saying Yes to our dreams, no matter how improbable or unattainable they may seem, and by acting faithfully to fulfill them, we usher them across the threshold of potentiality, and welcome them into our lives.

Since the industrial revolution, we humans have contributed to the escalating destruction of our environment through our willingness to exploit the natural world beyond our basic needs for sustenance and provision. We have forgotten the principle of reciprocity, which harmonizes the needs of all beings and creates the conditions in which all forms of life can flourish.

The rampant consumerism that characterizes our culture is a direct outcome of our disconnection from our own souls and the soul of the earth. We consume, not because we need more stuff, but because we’re trying desperately to fill a soul-shaped hole in our psyches.

We long for communion, beauty, truth, love, tenderness. We settle for work that depletes us, for houses and cars and possessions that weigh heavy on our hearts, for entertainment that further disconnects us from our bodies, for extreme sports or “clean eating” or the aspiration du jour.

All of this leaves us feeling strangely empty.

Love brought us into this world. Love for the earth, love for humanity. We made the long journey into incarnation to experience and celebrate this world, and to offer our soul’s glory and gifts to its unfolding. We came here to pour our love and artistry into making a world of beauty, provision, and blessing for everyone.

We can only play our part in the weaving of the world when we stay closely attuned to our own souls. Soul communion is a practice, like breathing. It’s something we do all day, every day. It’s what brings our creations to life.

Creativity is an essential quality of our souls. When we’re creating, we’re participating in the activity of the Sacred. We’re taking the raw material of which the universe is made, and shaping it into something tangible, moving, inspiring, and useful. Our heritage, as a creative species, includes language, culture and art, music and stories, poetry, dance, food, sculpture, painting, architecture, medicine, science, technology and so much else that enriches, adorns, and celebrates our world.

When we focus on creativity, joyful artistry, and inspired contribution, we begin to repair some of the damage we have done as consummate consumers of the world around us.

When we immerse ourselves in creation, we take our place as sources of generativity, love, truth, beauty, kindness, power and goodness in our world.

Every creation is an offering from your incarnate soul to the soul of the world.

Every creation begins with communion with your soul.

That’s how you know what you truly want to create, and why, and for whom. That’s how you access the courage and strength, the staying power and devotion to carry your creation through to completion.

For today, I wish you the love that binds you to your dreams, and the courage to welcome your creations into your world.
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