Today’s practice: Play with your creative muse

Attend to the nature of your relationship with her. Do you dance joyously together? In syncopated rhythm, heart-to-breath-to-body, leaping, twirling, carving gorgeous shapes in the air through which you move?

Does her brilliance overwhelm you? Is she impatient with your slowness, your fumbling, human feet that stumble through the beat? Your need to repeat a step over and over to get its rhythm in your body?

Beguile your muse onto your own stomping grounds. Reveal to her the sweetness of the slow glide, the languid turn. Share the delight of raised dust and pounding feet.

Let her pulse entrain yours to quicksilver. Let the freedom of her limbs, her unfettered heart whirl you through the Milky Way — out to the crackling rim of the universe, into the unknown beyond.

This is the dance. You, squelching her through the glorious mud of pond, the green rustle of meadow. She, steering you in the glittering wake of the stars.

What do you discover, what is revealed, when you bring your worlds together in this way? What can you create together, when you each bring your genius to the dance?