Curiosity expresses itself in many shapes and forms.

There’s the kind that alights on your shoulder like a bright-eyed magpie, and urges you across muddy pathways, quaking swamps, burbling streams and ancient forests in search of clues to the treasure you seek.

That kind of curiosity can land you in a meadow of intimate revelations, or lead you to the edge of a horizon that is itself an entirely new question to explore.

Then there’s the kind of curiosity that infuses you with the gleeful, irrepressible urge to play, and to wander. No goal in mind — just stalking serendipity’s footprints into the depths of the world. Discovering wonders both brilliant and modest, and the unexpected miracle of your arrival in their midst.

My new book, To Be Soul, Do Soul, is the result of following my curiosity, and crafting the mini-experiments in creative consciousness that eventually became this book. It emerged from my love and imagination, the work of my hands and the treasures of my heart, but it belongs to itself, and to the tribe of those who wander, who love the soul of serendipity, who discover their destiny by yielding to the call of adventure.

These past few weeks have been a time of intensely focused activity, as my team and I prepared for the book’s debut last week. In the days since we launched it, I’ve found myself craving silence, solitude, sleep, rest and more rest.

Every creation that serves an evolutionary purpose causes tectonic shifts in the fabric of the universe as well as in the inner landscape of its creator, when it emerges into the world.

I’m still adjusting to these shifts, integrating who I’m becoming with who I’ve been; finding, anew, right relationship with my inner being, which now includes this book and its world.

Holding this book in my hands is profoundly humbling, much the way that holding each of my babies for the first time brought me to my knees with gratitude for the gift of their presence, and the honor of nurturing their unfolding lives.

The book itself has a palpable presence — I can feel its power as it rests beside me on my desk. There’s something profoundly tender, playful, light-hearted and true about its physicality. I’m grateful that the soul of the book invited me to be the one to bring it to life.

Since its release last week, my inbox has overflowed with messages of excitement to place an order, and eagerness to begin exploring her pages. Plus, I was thrilled to see her gleaming cover in the #2 position on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” list, on the day she was launched!

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, and for celebrating her arrival with me!

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Bonus #1: Exclusive Audiobook
Listen to this selection of beautiful recordings during your meditation time or as a part of your creative practice. Take them with you on a walk in the woods, or simply listen on the go, anytime, anywhere.

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Each week for 8 weeks, you’ll explore these practices with fellow adventurers in a private Facebook forum. Connect and share your insights with our community, learn from each other’s experiences and stories, and deepen your connection with your soul. I’ll share enhanced meditations, and offer at least one live call during our 8-week book club.

(The Do Soul book club is already alive with joy and creativity! I think you’ll love being inside this magical space.)

As you traverse the physical world, there’s no greater companion — to guide you, hold you in love and security, and support you in bringing your desires to fruition — than your own soul.

To Be Soul, Do Soul offers you practical guidance and uncommon wisdom to strengthen both your connection to soul, and your ability to express its qualities in the world.

“With the steadiness of water against stone, Hiro’s gentle voice encourages us, again and again, to let go of that which holds us back and to move towards authenticity. Soul riddles, intended not to stump but to challenge our usual ways of processing and analyzing information, plunged me into participation in ways that surprised and changed me.

Use it as a guide on the path of becoming, the path of freeing ourselves from a lifetime of accumulated beliefs, the path to greater understanding of ourselves and how we meet the world, the path to true healing and accountability, and ultimately, to allowing our innate creativity to shine.

This powerful book lives up to its subtitle, Adventures in Creative Consciousness. It has the ingredients to change not only your life, but the world.”

Jena Schwartz, Writer, Writing Coach,

”With each page, I felt my connection to my soul becoming more and more firm. Will you do yourself a favor and buy this book today? Your heart won’t regret it.”

Michele T. Woodward, Executive Coach,

I’ve been by the fire reading Hiro Boga’s new book tonight: To Be Soul, Do Soul: Adventures In Creative Consciousness. If Rumi wrote a journal, it would be almost as good as this.

Danielle LaPorte, Bestselling Author & Speaker, Creator of White Hot Truth and The Desire Map.

It’s been my great joy to bring this book to you, and to witness her profound effect on readers like you.

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I wish you radiant new adventures!