Before you make any decision, breathe and rest in the spaciousness, ease, love and abundance of your heart. Your best choices will always emerge from there.

Often, the either-or choice — which can seem like the only one available, and impossible to make — is merely a signpost pointing the way to a wider, more nuanced and inclusive path.

The power to choose, the power to decide, is yours. Align yourself with your soul’s purposes (which are always about embodying and expressing your soul’s qualities and nature) and the purposes of your incarnation (which are embedded in your desires, gifts and personhood), and choose from there, decide from there.

Don’t be afraid of making the wrong choice and losing what you value most as a consequence. Nothing that truly belongs with you is ever lost.

Every choice brings with it its own gifts and challenges. Trust that, whichever choice you make, you will embrace both the opportunities it offers and the challenges it presents you with, as pathways to greater wholeness, integrity, and coherency.

There are no wrong choices, when you choose in this way — just opportunities to learn, grow, create, and discover who you become through the choices you make.

Choose that which aligns with your soul and your personhood, and you’ll discover the creative power of your soul in action.