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Sweet Success & the Soul of Your Business Free 7-Day Email Course

Inside this 7-day email course, you’ll discover:

  • A simple practice to help you create a fresh definition of “success” so you can become clear about what you really desire in your business.
  • A primer on using energy alchemy techniques to clear your mind, center yourself, and become fully present for your clients so that they can receive the very best of your expertise and creativity.
  • A guided meditation to help you experience the power of your soul’s presence, allowing you to more easily fulfill your truest desires.
  • An exploration of how, by cultivating a co-creative partnership with the soul of your business, you can accomplish more, with greater joy and less effort.
  • A guided “introduction” to the soul of your business, and an opportunity to receive the wisdom (and love) it has for you, no matter what challenges you may be experiencing right now.
  • Creative ideas for connecting more deeply with the soul of your business, so you can hear its guidance on everything from high-level vision to practical design and growth strategies.
  • An invitation to craft a new story for your business — at a miraculously accelerated pace — that’s in harmony with your values, your desires, and your calling.
Sweet Success and the Soul of Your Business ebook

Exclusive Bonus for the Emerging Women Community!

You’ll also receive To Be Soul Do Soul Bonus Practices, a beautifully designed 19-page digital “mini-book” that includes a selection of energy alchemy practices you won’t find anywhere else — inspired by my beloved book To Be Soul Do Soul: Adventures in Creative Consciousness.

Using lyrical prose, you’ll be invited on a sublime adventure beyond the boundaries of your mind, into the realm of infinite creative potentiality. Each of these practices is designed to expand your consciousness, develop freedom and flexibility of mind, and inspire you to act to create a more just and generous world.

You’ll find many of them offer a welcome perspective for the chaotic times in which we find ourselves today. Yet each practice offers a layered depth that will endure throughout the many stages of life — both personal and collective.

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Karina Ladet

“I love this work so deeply. I have used and will continue to use these tools for a very long time. Moving through this week I have to say that it’s such a powerful way to feel supported on my business (and life!) journey. So many miracles unfold and it truly transforms everything in amazing ways. Thank you!”

Karina Ladet, Intuitive Guide | KarinaLadet.com

Megyn Blanchard

“This course and the experiences it offers – from the opening to closing to the invitation for more — are so graceful and thoughtful and tasteful. Not at all what I’ve experienced in other courses with their maddening rushes of time-running-out emails, which honestly felt uncomfortable to me and not how I wanted to do business. Thank you for being a light and showing me what is possible.”

Megyn Blanchard, Coach and Mentor | MegynBlanchard.com