Soul Alchemy + Strategy Retreat For Visionary Leaders


One or two luxurious, revolutionary days just for you …

… to create, transform and grow. Profoundly private, face-to-face, soul-to-soul, either on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, or in one of the great healing and transformative places in the world.

To refine and re-shape your business, sometimes the best thing you can do is… step away from the day-to-day of your business. Leave your desk behind. Remove yourself from the flood of demands and responsibilities, the press of urgent calls for your time, energy and attention.

Carve out one or two timeless days, free of everything but your own thoughts, desires, imagination and vision — and reconnect with your body and feelings, your heart and soul, and with the soul of your business.

You’ll be beautifully held and cared for, and — in between our mentoring sessions together — you’ll have time and space to wander the seashore, gather stones and shells, commune with sea lions and eagles, breathe, reflect, write, and create with a spacious heart.

Hiro Boga

What we’ll do

This is a private, bespoke business retreat, created exclusively for you.

Just you and me, working together, in one of the most exquisite settings in the world — Vancouver Island, a place I am fortunate enough to call home! Or, in one of the great places in the world that holds the energies of creativity, healing and transformation.

We’ll spend our time doing whatever is needed and most valuable to you.

  • Bring your unfinished book manuscript and work steadily — for two or three luxurious days — with my guidance and skilled, professional support.
  • Bring your tired, burnt-out body, your business dilemmas and frustrations, your sorrows from the past year. Let’s work together to heal, release, transform and clear the path for a more joyous, soul-aligned, successful future.
  • Bring a highly specific product development goal. Let’s map it out together, piece by piece — and while we’re at it, let’s clarify your business direction for the next two years.
  • Bring a new dream — to speak onstage, to inspire thousands of women, to see your products sold in stores nationwide — and leave with a radiant plan to bring your vision into reality.

We’ll discuss your goals and intentions before your retreat begins so that once you’ve arrived, we can dive right in!

Tara Bliss, Entrepreneur, Founder of Rebels of Light,

Jennifer Louden photo

“My retreat with Hiro was a holy marker between two phases of my life – before wholeness and after… Since my time with Hiro, there is a deep, deep foundation of okayness. Peace. Unshakable faith in myself. My book is coming alive after years of struggle. My trust in my next calling is so much stronger. My health is improving. My self-trust is shining. But more than anything, again, it is peace and unshakable well-being that I took away from my time with Hiro. A letting go of ghost structures, sticky stories. A spirit liberation. Hiro is beauty and kindness and wisdom. Spend time with her in any way you can.”

Jennifer Louden, Best-selling Author, Teacher, & Retreat Leader |

Where you’ll stay

Your retreat will take place on Vancouver Island, on the magical west coast of British Columbia. I also travel each year to Europe, so if you prefer to retreat with me while I’m there, we can arrange to meet there in one of the beautiful places that hold centuries-old traditions of healing and magic.

We’ll work, create, explore and play together from 9:30 or 10 am to 4 or 5 pm each day. We’ll keep things loose, and follow the flow of your energy and desires. This is your time, and you will choose the shifting rhythms of work, creative play and rest that feel best for you, each day.

After our work for the day is complete, you’ll return to your luxurious residence. This might be an elegant room at one of Vancouver Island’s magnificent beach resorts, or an opulent, private vacation home with the ocean at your doorstep. I will choose the best available option for you, based on what I know of you, and my inner sense of where you will feel most beautifully comfortable and held.

What’s for lunch?

Lunch is included with your retreat. And, since food is an expression of love and pleasure, it will be delicious, nourishing, and created with love..

Before you arrive here for your retreat, my concierge will be in touch with you to understand your dietary preferences. So, if you have food sensitivities or special requests, please let us know.

And breakfast and dinner?

You’ll have time to yourself at the beginning and end of each day, so you’ll be by yourself for breakfast and dinner. Time to relax, reflect, and integrate.

Opt for room service, for a truly private experience, or dine in one your hotel’s fine restaurants. Explore some of the great food available on the Island. Once we’ve determined where we will meet for our retreat, my concierge will send you a list of restaurants in the area, and help you select ones with menus that both nourish and delight your senses.

Getting Here

My concierge will work with you or your travel agent to help you plan the best way to get here.

The nearest international airports are in Vancouver and Victoria.


Book a flight from Downtown Vancouver Harbour or from Richmond (YVR) International Airport to Vancouver Island. You’ll fly into Nanaimo or Victoria, depending on where we’re meeting for our retreat.

It’s a short flight — with spectacular views!

We’ll send you detailed information in your retreat planning package.


Ride the ferry from the Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay, in Nanaimo, or from Tsawwassen to Victoria.

It’s a gorgeous ride across the strait. If you’re lucky, you’ll see dolphins frolicking alongside.

Here’s where to book your ferry ride online.

Alexandra Franzen photo

“Every moment of my three-day retreat with Hiro was restorative, elegant, and deeply rewarding… I wrote three new poems. I outlined my creative priorities for the year. I got invited to headline at a gorgeous retreat (mere hours after sharing with Hiro how much I wanted to teach, at a workshop). I slept — a lot. I read — a lot. I did some work untangling my dreams & needs from those of my partner. I set old stories aside. In ancient times, students would travel miles — lifetimes — simply to be in the presence of a great teacher, healer or wise one. My trip to Hiro’s home had echoes of just such a pilgrimage. And I’ll never forget it.”

Alexandra Franzen, Promotional Wordsmith & Personal Scribe |

Alexandra Franzen photo

“When I think of my safest, best place, the special place I draw strength from when I need it most, I smile. Then, I tap into the work I’ve done with Hiro, and this best place of mine lights up and expands to the size of the planet.

With power, clarity and joy, doing this soul-level work with Hiro has amplified what I am able to do in the world. And magnified the peace and conviction with which I do it.”

Andrea J. Lee – International activist – Coach – Author – Speaker |

Let’s plan your retreat!

This experience is by application only. Your investment is US$12,000 per day for one or two rich, full days of business mentoring, guidance, and support, blended with soul-infused energy alchemy for profound transformation.

In addition to mentoring and strategic planning, your retreat includes:

  • Lunches, teas and delicious nibbles each day
  • Luxurious accommodations from the night before your retreat begins to the morning after it ends
  • A 90-minute spa treatment of your choice at a local spa
  • A 30-minute follow-up phone session after you return home from your retreat

Apply Here

How It Works

Once I’ve reviewed your application, I’ll get in touch with you within three business days with an invitation to register, a contract for your signature, and an invoice. Your retreat payment is due at the time of booking, and is non-refundable.

The moment you register for your retreat, I create a powerfully activated energetic field in which you and your business are held — usually, several months before you make the journey here. You’ll find energy and opportunities flowing your way long before you arrive. Your retreat begins as soon as you and I both say Yes to it.

If you have questions, please contact me.

Create! The soulful business retreat


What matters most to you? How do you wish to serve your world?

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What matters most to you? How do you wish to serve your world?

Sign up to receive Sweet Success and the Soul of Your Business – a complimentary 7-day e-course for soulful entrepreneurs. (You’ll also receive my weekly newsletter.)

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