Island Bridge |

The Deva of Unity accompanies us into this final week of June, and the start of the summer.

What feels fragmented or separated — within you, within your business?

When you attune to the Deva of Unity, and bring that feeling into those places of separation, what happens? What does Unity feel like to you today?

Business can be overwhelming — lots of moving parts to keep track of; so much to get done.

And yet, we have our being along a continuum, from unity and essence to pattern and form.

When you stand in the unity end of the continuum of being, and bring the gifts and powers of wholeness to bear on the choices and actions you take, day-to-day, your life and your business flourish.

Magical opportunities unfold.

Where are you meeting the everyday challenges of your business from a place of inner Unity?
Where are you not?
How do you experience the difference?