The Deva of Love welcomes us into its world this week.

What happens — in you, in your world, in your business — when you bring everything into the heart of Love?

The issues you’re grappling with, that seem so thorny, so tenacious.
Your business.
Your thoughts and feelings, beliefs, identities, patterns and stories.
Your gifts and joys, your challenges and sorrows.

What happens to these, when you embrace them in the heart of Love?

Love is the most powerful force there is — it is the presence and activity of the Sacred within everything.

As we begin this week of the summer solstice, explore where Love lives, in you. In your business. In your ecology.

And as you go through your days, be mindful of the choices you make, moment to moment.

Choose love.
Choose love.

Be a source of love. Be the activity of the Deva of Love in your world.