Swans | HiroBoga.com

Sitting with the Deva of Sustenance on this misty Sunday morning.

What sustains you? What holds you up day in and day out? What puts ground under your feet?

Here’s what sustains me today:

Physically: Breath. Miraculous inner workings of my body — blood, organs, bones, cells, thrumming together in perfect harmony. Bowl of blueberries and Greek yogurt. Fire in the fireplace.

Emotionally: Phone call from my daughter-in-law, radiant with love and affection. A full heart. Mountains on the far horizon kissed by clouds. Robin fluttering raindrops off his wings as he lands on a cherry branch’s shy blossoming. Early morning silence.

Mentally: Poem from Louise Gluck’s “Seven Ages”, which takes off like a swan rising from the waters of a lake.

Energetically: The Deva of my home, who wraps me in belonging. Being cradled and sung to by the Deva of the Earth. Heart connections with the trees outside my window; Devas of sea and sky. Bach cello sonata.

Spiritually: The Sacred. The sun — whose face is covered by clouds, but whose light illuminates every raindrop. My granddaughter, newly arrived.

What nourishes and sustains you today?