Tune into the crests and troughs of the waves that you’re riding right now — the slip-sliding micro-movements of your life.

Feel the nature of each phase of the wave — the bright billowing surge, its sunlit crown foaming against the force of gravity; the swift plunge into a coldly swirling unknown.

Experience fully the vibrational nature each of these states of being. Savour the precise differences that make each of them unique.

Explore the relationship between them. Ride the movement of the wave; feel how it functions — that moment when ascent becomes descent, when crest begins the slide back to trough, when apogee swells towards rise.

Hold each of these phases of movement in the cupped palms of your hands — rise in one, fall in the other. They are, each of them, a wedding of form and function. Feel their heft and texture, the hot and cold of them, the density and loft of their restless, expressive life.

Move your hands in the dance of their co-mingling. Let the movement travel from your hands through your arms, from your arms through your body. Feel, in your whole body, this movement of rise and fall, swell and slide, this undulant life.

What do you know now, that you didn’t know before you entered this dance? What do you know about the movements of your cells, of your blood, your nerves, your breath? How do you experience the surge and ebb of your life now?

What do you know about the movements of your world — the ones that elate or frustrate you; the ones that scoop you through the waves of hope and despair?

What will you do with this knowledge? How does it change your relationship to power, to action? How will you embody and direct the power of this movement today?

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