Consider the thing that’s been tugging at your heart lately. Something that hasn’t quite come into focus. A dream. A wish. A desire. A sense that makes no sense, yet feels as intimate as the inside of your belly.

Its outlines are blurry, its power undeniable.

Play with it from different vantage points. Draw it in close — so close, you can taste its breath, feel the zing of it raise the tiny hairs on your arms. So close you can’t tell whose heartbeat thuds in your chest, whose pulse whooshes in your veins.

Now pull back — take it in whole, from across the room. Its slouchy stance, that jut of jaw and hip. Those waves of delight that roll across the floor like a tsunami headed straight for your heart.

Pull back further: To the rooftop, treetop, mountaintop. Pull all the way back to fill the sky. Feel the pull between you, elastic as taffy, stretching, stretching. Never breaking. Stay there, in that current of connection…

Until you’re pulled back in again, facing each other, close but not so close that you can’t see yourself. Or it. This thing that’s been tugging at your heart. Calling your name. Calling you to know it, to love it, to wrap its arms around you. To bring it to life so you can play, and play some more. Together.

Where do you need to stand, today, to bring it into being? Do you want it in your life? If the answer is Yes, what will you do to make a home for it, today?