The quality of your being is shaped by your choices. What you do, or don’t do, shapes who you become. Doing isn’t necessarily better than not-doing, though in our hyper-driven world, we sometimes confuse action with wisdom, or at least cede it the moral high ground.

Wisdom lies in discerning what’s yours to do, at any given moment, and choosing that. Most often, the wisest thing you can do is bring your inner being into a state of greater wholeness and harmony first, before moving into action.

Strategy is Soul’s servant — its job is to put ground under your soul’s feet. It cannot choose the destination, but it can build the path that will take you where your soul wants to go.

That path winds through the ecology of your life. It leads you to your rightful place in the life of our world. Both are shaped by the hands of Divine Order, which is a quality of your soul, and of the Soul of the World.

Divine Order is precise, and fluid. It is the organic pattern that underlies every form of life — including your life, and your business’s life. Divine Order shapes the raw soul essence of each being into its truest, most particular self. Just as the acorn holds the pattern for the oak tree, your soul holds the pattern for your becoming.

There’s a perfect shape for your life, at every stage of your life — and this shape is flexible enough to express itself in many different forms. This means that you get to choose how your life will unfold. You get to choose how the life of your business will unfold.

If that power to choose scares you, if you’re afraid of making the wrong choice, and paralyzed by the responsibility of making the right one — that’s part of the journey of too.

You don’t have to make the journey alone. Your soul is your most potent ally. The soul of your business is, too. And you have a powerful ally in the Deva of Divine Order.

When you’re standing in a maze of choices, bewildered, overwhelmed, not knowing which path to take — attune to Divine Order. Feel where it lives in your body. It thrums underneath the confusion, as steady and reliable as your heartbeat.

Feel its presence in your life. Where is it strongest, clearest? Put your focus there. What you focus on expands. Let Divine Order expand within you. Let it guide you home.

Feel the resonance between organic order, and your own true desires. Your desires are the voice of your soul. They are the playmates of Divine Order. Let your deep desires lead you home.

Who do you become, when you embrace Divine Order? How do you feel? What flows naturally from within you, when you embody Divine Order?

Feel where Divine Order is most vibrantly alive in the world of your business. Which aspects of your business embody it most fully? Which aspects of your business are closest to their true nature? Which project, which offer, which creation is most in harmony with its underlying pattern? Focus on that, first.

What does your business, or your project, become, when it embodies Divine Order?

Divine Order puts everything in its rightful place. It holds the fixed and the fluid together. It embraces tidal rhythms — ebb, flow — and the unyielding ocean floor. It holds, in its ecology, the shore where you’re standing, and the receding horizon towards which you yearn. It nurtures desert and oasis, wind and sun, mountain and valley, shadow and light — giving each what it needs to become fully itself, holding them all in harmonious relationship with each other.

Trust the power of Divine Order, orient yourself to its regulating pulse, and the next step on your path appears magically by your feet. Step forward in faith, using only the effort it takes to make that one step — no more, no less.

Each step you take reveals the next. Each step you take also brings you everything you need to take the next step. The right support, the right allies, show up, in perfect timing.

By orienting yourself to the pulse of Divine Order, your soul regains its power to open the pathways through which miracles enter your life.

You cultivate Divine Order by choosing it as the central organizing principle for your life — and for your business, if you have one. What and how you eat; what and whom you surround yourself with; the love, care and skill with which you craft your time; how you nurture wholeness in your clients; how you treat your staff; how you create wholeness in the world of your business — every choice matters. Each choice, made with love, brings you, your life and your business into resonance with Divine Order.

Soul can act powerfully in your life when you care for yourself and your world in this way. A simple (and often overlooked) way to begin is by trusting and meeting your own needs first — no matter how frivolous, illogical, or contradictory they may seem. Your need to create. Your need to be still. Your need to play. Your need to rest. Your need for solitude. Your need for companionship. Your need for beauty, space, time, freedom, abiding joy. Meet these needs as they arise, and discover who you become when you trust your moment-to-moment desires to lead you home.

Each need honoured and met with love, is a step into the dance with Divine Order. Each need met with care and tenderness brings you home to your body, home to your soul.

When your inner being overflows with your soul’s presence, your creative energy returns as irresistibly as the incoming tide. Creative joy is an expression of your soul’s essence. It’s never lost, even when it seems to have receded out of sight. It’s just waiting for you to discover it, and give it its rightful place in the ecology of your life.

Your body is your soul made flesh. Your business is its soul made flesh. Tend to them both. Tend to your feelings, your deep desires, your needs, as lovingly as you tend to your child. Tend to the soul of your business — its desires, its needs — as devotedly as you tend to your beloveds. Discover who you become, who your business becomes, when you embody the power of Divine Order.

The tide, too, is Divine Order at play. It races to the far horizon. It returns to kiss your shore.