Freedom aligns your desires and intentions with your soul’s purposes and your true nature.

Freedom is a quality of your soul, so it’s who you are, not something you acquire.

The mark of freedom — and of alignment — is effortless creation.

Where in your life and your business do you experience unfettered creativity, true freedom?

Where are you bogged down in struggle, difficulty, grim sweat?

What — in your life, in your business — is calling to be re-aligned with who you are and what you are here to experience, express and contribute to your world?

Explore the path of freedom this week.

In the spirit of curiosity and adventure, play with effort and effortlessness.

Align yourself with your deep desires.

Do what comes naturally — which is not at all the same thing as digging deeper into the grooves of old habits.

Breathe a clearer air, and discover who you become when you are yourself — without hesitation, hiding, or apology.