All week, I’ve been reviewing applications from folks who want to work with me in a mentoring partnership this year. I’ve been mentoring creative, visionary leaders for several decades now — it’s one of the primary ways in which I serve my community and my world.

Mentorship is an intimately collaborative, sacred partnership. It requires mutual respect, sovereignty and trust, an absolute commitment to your soul’s truth, the willingness to explore unknown terrain, devotion to your art, and a deep desire to learn and grow into the pattern of your own being.

A mentor is your soul’s companion, protector of your heart, in service to the love that is your essence, and champion of the artistry that is your gift to the world.

A mentor holds your creative vision with clarity and grace as you grow into the person you will be when your vision becomes reality. A mentor holds a field of heightened potency within which your most cherished desires can blossom.

A mentor is deeply committed to your evolution and to the success of your incarnation. Having travelled the road ahead of you, a mentor offers wisdom, knowledge and experience to guide you through the pitfalls that accompany growth, helps you take full advantage of the opportunities that come your way, and offers skills and training that ease your journey.

A mentor reminds you of who you really are, and supports you in accessing your gifts, skills, and wisdom and placing them in service to your vision.

The most successful collaborations are the result of a mentoring relationship that’s grounded in trust, anchored in truth, and in the willingness to act on your vision even when that vision seems elusive or scary or so far outside the realm of possibility as to appear delusional.

Mentorship is a relationship. It requires resonance and reciprocity as well as chemistry. Over the course of your lifetime, you’ll meet and work with different mentors at different stages of your own development, and that of your business or art. The mentor who was right for you yesterday may not be right for you today.

Conversely, if you work with a mentor before you’re ready for the level of support and growth that mentoring offers, you’ll receive less from the partnership than you would if you were prepared for the gifts and challenges of mentorship.

When entered into in right timing, a mentoring relationship can take you light-years further than you could travel on your own, saving you time, energy, dead-ends and heartache, and opening up undreamed-of possibilities.

What have you been dreaming of, that feels out of reach or too scary to attempt? What could you accomplish, in collaboration with the right mentor?

If you’re ready for organic, exponential growth in your life, artistry, wealth, and business, I encourage you to apply for a mentorship with me. It’s a significant investment — and well worth it if you’re at a place in your business where you’ve accomplished your immediate goals, and are ready to create the next evolution of your business with an experienced and powerful mentor at your side.

Love, Hiro