This is the journey of incarnation — to unfold the essential pattern of our lives, which is held by our souls and shaped by our everyday choices.

When we are very young, and dependent on the grownups around us to keep us safe, alive and growing, we mold ourselves to what we think they want us to be. We do this so they will take care of us, but also because we believe that this is what we have to do, to belong, to stay connected and close.

And yet, the habit of reshaping ourselves to fit into the world around us takes us away from our own essence, away from the Belonging that is our very nature. We feel hazy, not-quite-real, lacking in solid substance because we have abandoned ourselves in order to fit in.

The journey of becoming sovereign calls us to resume our natural shape. To discern and honor our deep desires, fill our lives with our own presence, and return to the elemental truth of the body, which is the most concrete manifestation of our infinite soul.

Incarnation is a grand and glorious adventure. As we free ourselves from the self-created prison of fitting-in, we return to the Land of Belonging which is our true home. What’s more, we become beacons of Belonging for the world around us. By being ourselves, we make it safe for everyone around us to be themselves too.

Our world needs each of us, in all our uniqueness, to be fully ourselves so it can become fully itself too. The soul of the world awaits our belonging.