Today is a quiet day. I slept in long after the sun first glimmered through my window. Now, I’m writing this post in my pj’s.

Just knowing there’s spaciousness in my day changes how I experience the world. Lowers my shoulders. Expands my chest. Opens my throat. Gets me singing!

And lets me curl up on the couch and snuggle with my business in a very non-business-y way. :-) We’re having a lovely, slow morning, my business and I, sipping ginger tea; whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears.

When you’re in business for yourself, it’s easy to forget that you are not your business. To forget that this wonderful being is its own delicious, sovereign presence.

When you forget this, it can feel as though the business of your business follows you around, trailing a long list of needs and wants and to-do’s. Clinging to your knees so you can’t walk without dragging it along. Clamoring in your ears and scurrying around your mind with a clipboard and checklists like a demented inspector.

Leaving you, at the end of the day, feeling overwhelmed, driven and anxious. Not the basis for a happy relationship.

The relationship between you and your business is more intimate than most. After all, it’s born in your own mind and heart long before it ever emerges into the world. It’s at once your child, your partner, your friend, ally and colleague.

It has its own own soul, its own destiny — separate from yours.

If you want this relationship to thrive, it needs your time, energy, love and attention. Canoodling is highly recommended. As are flowers for no reason at all. Connecting. Listening. Sharing dreams and ideas.

Appreciation goes a long way towards building this relationship. So does nurturing, support, and love.

Have you listened to your business lately? It has needs, yes. And it has its own genius. Its own allies. Its own unfolding life, filled with possibilities.

The soul of your business can guide you in making decisions about how and when to grow it. Whom to hire. Where to hold that workshop or retreat. Who your clients really are and what they need from you.

It can give you love, support, appreciation–solid ground under your feet.

Giving and receiving. Listening and sharing. Asking and responding. The basis for a great relationship.

What’s your relationship with your business feel like? I’d love to hear how you nurture and support each other.