You know that meme that asks what you would say to your younger self if you could offer her/him the benefit of your mature wisdom?

Truth is…

Every age you’ve ever been has held the wisdom you needed at the time. Your 12-year-old self, your 30-year-old self, your 50-year-old self — each was perfectly equipped for the tasks of growing into your evolving personhood.

If we arrived on this planet fully formed, there would be no evolution. While this might seem like frictionless bliss, it would become boring very quickly.

There are no shortcuts to the process of organic growth. Your soul will offer you experiences that will grow you into the next stage of your evolution, and the next, throughout your life. It will also offer those allies and resources that can best serve you at each stage of your development.

If we expect evolution to look or feel a certain way, we’ll miss seeing the gifts that are laid at our feet.

Trust is key.