This time of year can be a glorious playground for your creative imagination. The hum of your desires propels you forward as you envision the future you and your business want to inhabit in the new year.

You may find, though, that your excitement about the adventure ahead gives rise to its opposite — lethargy, indecisiveness, confusion, procrastination; an overwhelming desire for the predictable comforts of the safe, the familiar, the cozy ruts we sometimes mistake for home.

You may feel yourself teetering precariously on the razor’s edge between what is, and a future whose vast, unmapped contours leave you breathless.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s not only possible to envision and plan for the future while remaining solidly planted in the present; it’s the most effective way to make progress on your dreams.

It takes both awareness and skill to do this.

If you’re in a tug-of-war between your desires and those parts of you that are afraid, overwhelmed, or simply not yet ready for the future you are invoking, try this:

First, bring yourself into the present moment by tuning into your senses. Listen for the sound of your heartbeat. Place your index and middle fingers on your pulse — either at your wrist, or the side of your neck, just below your ear — and feel the rhythm of your blood whooshing through your veins.

Tune into the scent of your skin, your breath, the space around you. Feel the pressure of the soles of your feet against the earth. Feel the touch of air on your skin.

When you feel present and connected to your body, invite a circle of your inner selves into your heart. These are aspects of you that include every age you’ve ever been, as well as every age you’ll ever be.

Share your dreams and desires for the future with your inner selves. Let them know what you intend to create, in the year ahead. Talk with them about your plans — what, when, how, why and where they will unfold.

Then, ask them how they feel about what you’ve shared. Listen closely to what they have to say. Every part of you is an aspect of your soul, and carries your soul’s genius and gifts. Every part of you is essential to your wholeness, and to the wholeness from which you create your future.

Call on those of your inner selves who are best equipped to carry through your plans for the future, to take the lead. What do they need, in order to effectively fulfill your intentions and purposes?

Remind your younger, more vulnerable selves that they are not responsible for carrying the weight of your plans and intentions. Their only task is to be themselves, to contribute their presence and the soul-gifts that are uniquely theirs, to your enterprise. Ask them what they need in order to feel safe enough to join you in your endeavours. Then, give them what they need.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Honour the promises you make. You are building relationships with your inner selves that will last throughout your lifetime, and contribute to wholeness in everything you do. Give them the time, space, respect and love they require and deserve.

When every part of you is willing and able to join you in creating the future you envision for yourself and your business, you step into a stream of unobstructed power. It carries you to your future with an ease that can seem miraculous, though it is, in fact, quite simply a function of alignment and right relationship, coupled with the profound gifts of grace.


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