The second of an eight part series with Koren Motekaitis of How She Really Does It.

Learn why “Anything that you do that brings you fully into your presence is the most powerful thing you can do.” In this conversation about white space we discuss:

3:02 The rhythm of life vs. our bodies

8:40 Recognizing the rhythms of expansion and contraction in your business

12:00 Creating a culture that requires strict adherence to a schedule for performance

14:20 Why social media is not white space

19:20 When we’re available to everyone, we are not available to ourselves

24:50 Is the life you’re creating and pursing based on a lie?

30:48 Difference between striving for excellence and hustling for your worthiness

40:00 White space is the space to return to ourselves

45:00 This culture does not cultivate boredom

54:00 The energetic frequency of social media

58:20 Presence and wholeness vs. fragmentation – how to transition from one task to another

1:01:20 Koren’s example on not dividing energy

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