Welcome to the seventh of an eight part series with Koren Motekaitis of How She Really Does It.

Change is as fundamental on this planet as gravity, it’s not optional. Hiro and Koren discuss the idea of change in sequence, how situations impact and change our actions and the myth of the “Promise Land” of personal transformation.

3:00 the cultural belief about change as sequential

8:00 Transformation in the world as a reciprocal flow

13:03 the situation is changed by your actions, you are changed by the situation

14:20 an example of change not being systematic

19:45 if you invest in a fixed self, you misunderstand change

23:06 It’s human to move toward love

31:39 the “Promise Land” myth of personal transformation

38:24 What you need from your environment to thrive

41:20 Being in an honorable and compassionate relationship with change

43:05 A time in Hiro’s life when change was limited

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