I spent this weekend at a beloved friend’s wedding. Her community, and that of her new husband, gathered to celebrate their joy, their love, and the birth of their new family.

There are primal forces that lend their power and blessing to any birth. Devas of Earth and Cosmos, ancestral beings, Devas of Love and Birth, Union and Delight — all the multi-dimensional allies of this marriage’s incarnation were present at the ceremony, along with family, friends and beloveds.

It was the most intimate of gifts — sharing the birth of their great creative adventure with those of us who love them. Their journey together will transform them, these beloveds who meet each other with such gladness and courage, with such willing, tender, newborn hearts.

Knowing their devotion to their own souls and to each other, we trust that they will love each other into infinite blossoming. They will shape a marriage that will support them in becoming more fully themselves. And we marvel at the generosity with which they offer this radiant gift of a wedding, inviting us to share in the miracle of human love, its possibility and promise, its sheltering, shining wings.

Bright blessings, my friends — to your unfolding delight!