It’s a windy morning, and a drift of leaves swirls and dances down from the arbutus tree in my garden. They lie strewn across the grass, where the deer tentatively nibble on them, then turn away in distaste.

Fall will soon be here.

And with its arrival, I will teach the fourth session of my three-month program, Become Your Own Business Adviser.

What does it mean, to become your own business adviser?

To be your own adviser is to trust yourself — to trust your vision, your judgment, your skills, your knowledge, your capacity to serve both your clients and your own life from the deep springs of your heart and genius.

We’re so accustomed to looking for answers out there, thinking someone else knows, better than we do, just what we need to be successful in our businesses.
And yet, you are an incarnate soul. You are powerful and wise beyond anything you can imagine.

You have within you everything you need to succeed in your life, and in your business.

This program helps you cultivate the skills you need to access your soul’s power and wisdom. You’ll learn how to connect with those qualities and resources that you already possess, but that are, perhaps, lying dormant within you, waiting to be activated.

Underneath the swirl of voices that drown out everything but their own noise, is the clear, soft bell of your inner voice.

Underneath the distractions of daily life, the shiny things that command your attention, the babbling, grabbing things that pull and push at you, is the voice of your soul.

When you reach into that essential, deep self, you discover who you truly are, what you truly want, and what your soul and the soul of your business are here to do.

You know the qualities you want in your life. You know how you want to feel and how you want others to feel when they encounter the world of your business. You know what really matters to you.

You know the kind of world you want to live in. And you know that your business can help shape that life, that world.

Business exists at the threshold between your inner and outer worlds – where your deep desire and genius meets the world’s needs.

To be successful in business, you must cultivate inner qualities of strength, clarity, commitment, resilience, power, alignment, focus and creativity. Listen for where the need is, and where you feel called to serve. And then bring all your resources to bear, to serve your clients and customers.

When these inner qualities become as much a part of you as breathing, you will meet the outer demands of your business with ease, grace, and heart. You will shape the world of your business in alignment with your values.

Grounded in your deep vision of how you want to live your life and contribute to your world, you make business decisions based on whether or not they move you closer to your vision.

Everything from whom you want to work with, to how you structure your time, to how you price your products and services becomes crystal clear, because the world of your business is anchored in the central organizing principles of your values.

When your fundamental values include wholeness, you will create business structures that support wholeness – in your own life, as well as in the way your business supports and serves your clients, your colleagues, your family and your world.

As one of the participants in last Spring’s Become Your Own Business Adviser put it, “I was blown away by the depth and profundity of the program. By the trust of spirit in business realms. By Hiro’s generosity, presence and faith. By the magnitude of what is possible with focused intention, great skill and clear energy.”

When you do what’s truly good for you, you become the quality of goodness – it radiates from you, and from your business.

When clients and customers, and potential clients and customers, enter the world of your business – whether it’s on social media, or through your website or blog, or in your programs and retreats – they experience your business’s presence, its soul.

Your clients and customers will be attracted to those qualities in your business that they themselves either embody or are longing for.

Qualities like Love. Generosity. Spaciousness. Ease. Flow. Graciousness. Truth. Service. Playfulness.

You know when you encounter these qualities in others. You can feel them; they are palpable. We are drawn irresistibly toward them.

Because these are qualities of your soul. And we are drawn to the soul’s qualities as naturally as a bird is drawn to flight.

The challenge is to stand in these qualities when you’re in the midst of crazy stressful entrepreneurial deadlines, creating and promoting your products, making decisions about web copy, planning your marketing calendar for the year, or organizing your big launch.

You can feel very alone in the day-to-day of running your business. You can feel pulled every which way.

And yet, there are energy practices and technologies that can help you stay grounded, centered and present no matter what’s going on around you.

There are also energy ecologies and subtle-energy beings who can help and support you and your business in ways that are both practical and profound.

Become Your Own Business Adviser is designed to help you discover and embody those qualities that are at the heart of who you are and what you value. The program will support you in developing deep and lasting relationships with those subtle energy beings that are invested in the success of your life and your business.

Our classes together are a living laboratory. Using the skills and tools of energy practices, you’ll grow into your potentials, deepen your soul’s gifts, and apply your genius to the task of creating your business, and shaping the world in which you want to live.

By the end of the program, you’ll have completed, or made significant progress towards a creative project in your business. You’ll have developed a set of skills and practices that you can use every day in your business.

You’ll feel confident in your decision-making in all aspects of your business. And you’ll know, from the inside out, that you are held, supported, cradled and loved by allies and friends in many dimensions, all of whom you can call upon to help you when you need it.

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