When external structures fall apart, internal structure becomes essential for your integrity and well being.

Structure ≠ rigidity.

Structures can be tensile, like bone. They can be flexible and pliable, like skin. They give shape and form to your day. They hold you in safety so that, within their boundaries, you are free to create or dissolve as the need arises.

Structure doesn’t have to be prescriptive. Listening and responding to each moment as it arises is also a structure. Weaving patterns through the ordinary things you do each day, you weave structure.

Beginning, middle, end. Feel your thirst; pour a glass of water; drink; rinse the glass; put it away. There’s a pattern, a structure.

Notice your relationship to structure, during these days when our social exoskeletons have gone poof! Notice how you feel when you craft structures from the rags of fear, from the steel of control. Notice what your relationship to these structures feels like, in your body.

Notice which structures confine you; which structures hold, define and support you.

Play with structure by attuning first to the inner structures and patterns that keep your miraculous body vibrant and alive. Breath, pulse, neural transmission, interplay of muscle and bone, movement, flow.

Next, attune to the pattern of Divine Order, within which you, and all of creation, are held.

Now, create structures for your everyday life that resonate with the frequency of Divine Order. How do you feel, at the end of your day, when you’re held by organically crafted patterns and structures?

Love, Hiro