This is the second in a series of excerpts from How To Rule Your World From The Inside Out: The Art Of Inner Leadership.

The Future

Your being exists along a continuum with Unity and Essence along one end, and Pattern and Form along the other. The Pattern and Form of your being are in the realm of physical incarnation. Essence forms a bridge between Unity and Pattern.

At the level of Unity and Essence, Time functions differently than it does in the three-dimensional world. Time isn’t a linear progression from past to present to future. Instead, it is a complex web of relationships between these dimensions. The past and present inform the future, but the future also acts upon the past, as does the present.

A change in the present changes the future as well as the past.

This means that the future is neither fixed nor predictable. It’s an unfolding, evolving ecology that is constantly interacting with your present and your past.

The choices and decisions, intentions and actions of today will shape the probability of a particular future unfolding tomorrow. But even this relationship isn’t simply deterministic. There are other forces at work besides human ones, that act in the subtle and invisible energy realms to shape the future.

There are many possible futures that live in the subtle energy realms as seeds or potentials. Not all of these seeds will sprout. Not all of your potential futures will be realized.

Some of them may not be in harmony with the ecology of your life. Others may need a particular set of relationships, circumstances or actions, in order to unfold.

On a personal level, there are futures that may be activated in other dimensions, other incarnations of your soul that are happening simultaneously with this one.

Those seeds that are most likely to grow and bear fruit are the ones that you water with your imagination, intention, alignment, love, relationships and purposeful action.

You shape your future with your imagination, which can take you beyond what you presently know. And you create your future through your relationships-with the people and places in your life; with subtle energy beings; with the Sacred.