“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” -Rumi

What do you deeply and truly long for?

Sink down below the surface of your wants, to the heart of your desire. Allow your longing to emerge from the depths of your being.

Desire is one of the qualities of incarnation, and it leads us to our soul’s purposes.

This is sacred exploration. You don’t have to know how your desire will be fulfilled, or attach outcomes to it. Your desire is a messenger from your soul. Receive it with respect, hospitality, gratitude and love.

What do you want to receive — from life, from your business?

What do you want to offer or give to your world, to your clients?

Your desires will have both inner and outer components.

On an inner level, you may feel the flow of your soul carrying you towards the person you will be when your desire is fulfilled.

Inner desire is the desire of your soul to experience and express its Divine qualities.

When you enter deeply into inner desire, into the heart of your longing, it’s always about giving and receiving qualities of Essence: Among them are love; belonging; tenderness; sovereignty; presence; unity; wholeness.

On an outer level, your desires may include something specific you want to create, in your life or your business, with concrete outcomes that will allow you to recognize when you have achieved it.

Outer desires are expressions of your gifts, your talents, your personal preferences and your incarnational purposes. To teach. To learn music or astronomy. To grow a garden, or babies. To make art, or music. To cook or to farm. To write; to play with children; to build or travel or climb mountains or weave stories.

What are your true desires? How do you feel, when you connect with them?

This post is an excerpt from Become Your Own Business Adviser.