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I’ve been thinking about stuckness this morning. I’ve written about it recently in this post on blowing bubbles. And the students in my Become Your Own Business Adviser program are learning a variety of precise, practical techniques for moving through stuckness quickly and restoring flow and wholeness in their lives.

This morning, though, I’d like to explore one map or overview of how to address stuckness in your life and in your business.

Everything that exists — you, me, this desk I’m sitting at, even the situations that cause us frustration or pain — is composed of quanta of energy. And energy is always moving, changing. What we experience as being stuck is simply an obstruction in the natural flow of energy. This obstruction can be like a branch that’s lodged in a stream–it causes an eddy in the flow of the stream, altering its natural flow.

To get unstuck, you do what’s needed to restore the organic flow of energy on all levels of your being: Physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual.

Here are some ways to begin thinking about this process. This is just a brief sketch of some possibilities, and one possible map of ways to approach them. I encourage you to explore and find what work best for you.

Physical: Move your body in pleasurable ways. Play and pleasure are antidotes to stress, and to the rigidity that accompanies stuckness. Dance, do yoga or chi gung, skip, walk, run. Get outdoors.

Make something — a meal, music, a drawing or painting. Plant a shrub or a seed.

Play with your children, or your pets; with Playdoh, crayons, dress-up boxes; bikes, hikes, model trains. Whatever gets those endorphins flowing.

Get a massage. Take a bubble bath. Move to music that moves you.

Laugh. A lot. It’s hard to stay stuck when you’re swanning around in a purple calabash and waving a sparkly wand.

Emotional: Get in touch with your feelings and feel them fully. Feelings are energy and communication from your body. Give them room to be, to flow, and they will naturally change to something else. Dam them up, and they’ll turn into a self-trashing machine.

Mental: Question your thoughts, the stories you tell yourself about the world, about your life, about your self. Widen your mental horizons. What happens when you see your self, others, and situations as they are, without judging or labeling?

What happens when you change the language you use to describe these things? When you take ownership of your choices and your creations?

Energetic: Ground and connect with the soul of the earth. Center in your own body and in your inner being. Connect to the soul of the cosmos. Connect to your own soul.

Release what is not yours, from your energy field. Establish healthy boundaries.

Fill your body and your energy field with qualities of flow, transformation, delight, play, joy, light.

Embrace the sources of goodness in your life. Your home, your surroundings, nature, the people, places and things that delight you and fill you with joy.

Spiritual: Attune to the ground of all being — to your Source. Attune to the Sacred in your own personhood, in your self. Be aware of your self as a source of love, blessing, creativity, flow, power and joy. Offer these qualities of source-ness to your world. Bless the grocery store, your neighborhood, the street outside your home, your Aunt Ruby, that annoying dog that barks at night.

I’d love to hear what works for you. How do you consciously unravel the stucknesses in your life?