Your thoughts and beliefs are powerful. They shape your own world, and they shape the world around you.

When you see people and situations as they are, as perfectly unique expressions of the Sacred, when you see their genius and brilliance, their beauty and the immense light of their souls — especially when they are at their most vulnerable — your vision contributes to their wholeness. You remind them of who they truly are. Your vision restores them to their rightful place in the ecology of being — back to the heart of their belonging.

And the world becomes kinder, more radiant, more forgiving, more welcoming, as more of us remember our true nature.

On the other hand, when you see people, places, things, and situations through the scrim of your own judgments and projections, fears and nightmares — through the distorting lens of your own disconnection — you exert a pressure on their energy fields that adds to the disconnection and suffering of our world and all who dwell here.

You don’t have to say unkind or disembowelling words to have this effect — your thoughts become visible even when they remain unspoken. People feel diminished in the presence of judgment and condescension, even if they don’t know why.

Choose wisely, because the energy you bring to your world also shapes your inner topography. Meanness, arrogance, hubris — these create a toxic environment within you as well as around you. You have the power to create heaven or hell through the energy you carry and project.

Use your discernment, to choose those relationships that are wholesome and nourishing. Say a loving but firm No to those that are toxic or simply not right for you. Love includes sovereignty, and clear boundaries. Discernment is a soul quality — and is different from judgment. Trust yourself to know the difference, and to act accordingly.

When you choose to be an agent of wholeness, you become responsible for the energy you bring to any situation. Do your inner work, so you can be a carrier of peace, love, generosity, blessing, and joy. Both you and our world will benefit in profound ways, when you clean up your thoughts and your inner landscape.