Here’s a question from one of the participants in last fall’s session of Become Your Own Business Adviser, which I respond to, in this post. It’s an issue that comes up often, in online business circles.

If you struggle with shiny object syndrome, you may find it useful to explore the soul roots of restlessness and longing, and give these sacred prompts a voice and a place in your life.

Q: I am recognizing and desiring to shift a pattern of mine that I’ve been aware of for quite a while. One in which I get really excited about something, think it is the absolute perfect next step for me, jump in, but instead of diving really deeply and staying there I’m in and out and off to the next thing.

A: The pattern you describe – of being called by your soul to a particular work, and then promptly getting distracted, looking for the next shiny thing out there – is painful, when you stop long enough to feel the hunger and anxiety that drives it.

And, if you go deeper still, you’ll find the flow of your incarnation, the pattern your soul came here to express and experience, moving underground, calling you to participate in its emergence.

Deep Desire is the call of the Sacred in you, the call of your soul to direct the power of your incarnation into the flow of a particular current or stream.

Structure creates banks for the flow of the river of your life – and it is those banks that lend it power and efficacy.

When you resist structure, you are really resisting your Divinely human power to create and manifest.

Since the focus of this program is conscious manifestation as a sacred process, its inevitable that your patterns and pictures around this will rise to the surface.

Transformation is not incremental change. It is radical, in the sense that it changes patterns at their roots.

So when you engage with a program such as this one, which brings you back to your own power and to your ability to transform your life and your business in radical ways, then everything within you that is invested in maintaining the status quo – your programming, pictures, beliefs, fears, agreements and so on – will rise up in whatever way it can, to keep you where it believes you will be safe.

Thank you for recognizing the pattern, being willing to explore it and work with it, and for re-committing yourself to the process.

Structure is the ground beneath your feet. It creates safety, stability, boundaries, and most importantly, forms that shape the raw, creative power of Flow into something that can contribute to your life and the life of the world.