For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing a daily practice on my Facebook page under the rubric #ToBeSoul_DoSoul. Because we evolve through action, being soul is an ongoing activity in our everyday lives. Mostly, the daily practices I craft as experiments in soulful living are brief — ways of playing as soul, reminders that our actions and choices matter. When we practice acting from our essence, we incarnate our soul’s potentials, develop our capacities, and function as agents of soul and wholeness in the world.

Today’s practice is a bit longer. Play along if you wish, and share your experiences with us here.


Today’s practice

Attune to the soul of Humanity, to the vision it holds for the evolution of our species. Why are we here? What is our role in the family of life on this earth?

Invite the pattern that the Deva of Humanity holds, in its energy field, into your own body, into your life.

What does it feel like, to be fully human? How does your embodied humanity embrace the multitude of other life-forms on our planet? What impact does a truly evolved humanity have, on our world?

Attune to our deep ancestors, who descended from the safety of treetops to the uncertain terrain of forest floor or savannah. They, who first walked upright 6 or 7 million years ago, didn’t know what their actions would mean, for us, their daughters and sons who have arrived here all these millions of years later. They couldn’t imagine what this shift to a vertical stance would mean for the history of the world.

To stand upright, to see the horizon eye-to-eye for the first time, when all you’ve ever known of the ground was a narrow negotiation between belly and grassland… Such courage! Such willingness to adventure in search of sustenance!

Where do these ancestors live, in your body? Get down on all fours and experience your world, for a few moments, from that horizontal stance. Belly low to the ground and protected. You are longer than you are tall. What do you know of the world around you? Which of your senses is keenest, most reliable in this horizontal orientation to your world?

Slowly, stand upright. Feel the shift in your body, in your primary modes of sensing and perception, in your relationship with the horizon, with your environment. Feel the flow of human evolution in the arches of your feet, in the way light enters your eyes.

Move through your day with the awareness that every choice you make today will reverberate through to your descendants. You are the activity of the Deva of Humanity. You are the ancestor of the generations to come. You are the blade of the knife that carves the shape of our world.