It’s been my great privilege, these past forty years, to mentor visionary founders and leaders who are actively creating a world that serves and blesses all who enter their sphere. The world of their business is built on the foundation of their values, and serves the soul of their communities in deeply meaningful ways.

Many of these leaders began working with me mid-career, when their businesses were successful by all external measures, and yet they felt unfulfilled in their own lives and in the business ecosystems they had so carefully crafted.

Many of them have continued to work with me for years as their businesses have developed beyond anything they initially dreamed of, as they have been called to grow into their own potentials, to become the leaders of powerful, impactful organizations.

The steps you take to arrive at initial success are rarely the ones that will nourish and support the next stage of your business’s development, or your own.

If you’re at an early stage in your business, my business development program, Become Your Own Business Adviser, will serve you in establishing the world of your business on a firm foundation of clarity, simplicity, and focus on what is essential for you and your business to grow.

Once you’ve already established brand recognition and robust revenue streams, once your signature offers are strong and running efficiently, and you’ve built systems and developed a business culture that enables you to deliver a great client experience, you begin to ask yourself more nuanced questions.

  • Is the ecosystem of my business coherent, integrated, and harmonious? Where are the gaps and what are the areas of underdevelopment or misalignment?
  • Where are the places where we’ve become so accustomed to things as they are, that we are ignoring or avoiding opportunities that were not on the horizon when we arrived at our present stage of growth?
  • How have the needs of our customers changed, and how can we meet those needs effectively?
  • How have my own needs and those of my business changed? Who must I become, to meet those needs skillfully?
  • What is essential, in my business, for meeting my goals and intentions? Is that where our efforts and resources are concentrated? What is superfluous? What do we need to let go of or change?
  • What is my role as a leader now, and how am I being called to step into my evolving leadership?

You ask yourself more epistemic questions as well.

  • What is my vision for my business now? In what ways has this vision changed, as both my business and I have evolved?
  • What and how are my business and I being called to serve, now that we have built the capacity to powerfully catalyze positive change in our world?
  • How do we refocus our operations to fulfil this expanded vision?
  • What opportunities are emerging in our environment, and what do they reveal about the vision that the Deva of my business holds for its next stage of development?

When you truly love your business, when it is both your calling and art as well as your source of provision and prosperity, you will find these questions arising naturally. They reflect your commitment to refined, purposeful action on behalf of your own evolution and that of your business, in alignment with your most cherished values and your soul’s truest desires.

As you develop a deep and lasting relationship with the Deva of your business, and learn what wholeness and coherency feel like in your body and in the body of your business, the answers to these questions will emerge organically. You will trust your responses to them, and act swiftly and decisively to fulfil your evolving purposes.