That thing that’s been knocking on the door of your heart… That thing that won’t go away… That thing that you long to create. That thing that you run away from, find brilliantly creative ways to avoid…

That thing.

That thing will transform you and your life forever. You won’t be the same person, after you’ve created it.

And there’s the rub. There’s the reason you find oh-so-many reasons not to act.

You don’t know who you’ll be, when it’s done. You won’t recognize the You that is powerful, radiant, at home in the world, supremely generative. The You that stands tall, with your feet firmly planted in the ground of sovereignty, prosperity and freedom.

If you say Yes to this creation, you won’t recognize yourself — powerful, prosperous, sovereign, free — when it’s done.

So. You avoid it. You find ways to sidestep it.

It takes courage to say Yes to your soul’s desire, to do the patient, masterful work of bringing it to life.

It takes more than courage. It takes skill and determination.

It takes the kind of support that can hold you and your creation from beginning to completion.

It takes an intelligent, encouraging and devoted community to make the journey with you.

It takes a structure, a scaffolding, that holds you up while you do the work of building your thing, in your own way.

I am so thrilled to offer the Create! Mastermind intimate group program designed to help you complete a significant piece of work, with skilled mentoring and guidance, and the loving support of a vibrant community.

We begin October 15th. Join us, and by the end of April next year you will have completed that book, created that program, made that work of art — that thing that is calling you to your becoming.