As human beings, we are both boundaried and boundless. This is true not just for our species, but for all species, as well as for natural landscapes and artificially constructed boundaries like those of nation-states.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel the boundaries of your personhood — the way they hold you and your life, weave you into the fabric of your ancestral lineages and into the physicality of our world. This who-you-are is not fixed, but a constantly evolving, dissolving-and-becoming self, entirely unique, unlike anyone else who has ever lived.

Now, attune to your boundless soul, and the unity in which it dwells, and which is its nature. Feel the quality of your boundless being, beyond all limits, all horizons. How does this feel, to you? Liberating? Scary? Overwhelming? Peaceful? Something else?

Next, return to your boundaried personhood. How does it feel, in relationship with your boundless being?

Hold your boundaried self in the cupped palm of one hand, and your boundlessness in the cupped palm of the other hand. Bring both hands together in prayer mudra.

What is the relationship between the two? How does it feel, in your body, to join these two states together, to know that they are both aspects of the ecology of your being?

If you feel like exploring further, attune to a boundaried state in the world around you. Your neighbourhood, for instance, or your country. Pay attention to how your own boundaried self relates to this larger boundaried space.

How does it feel, to be you within your neighbourhood or your country? Do you experience the relationship as one of ease and belonging, or one of tension and the potential for violence, or something else altogether?

Now, attune to the boundless soul of your neighbourhood or your country. What is your relationship with it? How do you feel when you relate to it from your boundaried personhood, and from your boundless soul?

Revisit this exercise whenever you wish to re-set the relationship between you and any aspect of your world that feels out of harmony with your soul and your incarnate self. Make brief notes in your journal about your discoveries and insights.

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