Today is my best friend’s 60th birthday (Happy Birthday, Judith!). She’s probably still asleep as I write this. I want to celebrate her birth day, celebrate her, celebrate our friendship.

We’ve been friends for twenty years. We’ve seen each other through family tragedies, deaths and divorce. I was with her when she gave birth to her beautiful daughter, who is now a radiant sixteen-year-old. She drove me home from the hospital after my hip replacement surgery last February.

Since we live in different cities, we talk on the phone every couple of days. Once a week, we exchange healings that keep us growing, that help us transform our lives in the direction of our dreams.

When the skies darken around us, we remind each other of the still-invisible horizon.

When something wonderful happens in my life, she’s the one I call. We celebrate our accomplishments with delight. And laugh hilariously at each other’s jokes.

When one of us is overwhelmed or in despair, wondering why we’re doing what we’re doing, the other is there as Witness, as Keeper of the inner truth of our miraculous, magical selves.

When my wings falter, hers buoy me.

We’re both strong, independent, opinionated women, which means we don’t always agree with each other. But we do always love each other. And rely on the other to love us back, even when we’re not all that lovable.

We all need a best friend. And we each need to be a best friend too.

Being a best friend anchors me in love and commitment in a different way than being Mom to my sons, or sister to my sisters. Ours is a bond that’s freely chosen. And chosen anew each day.

How about you? Whom do you choose to love? How does your best friend live in your heart? And what kind of best friend are you?