Blowing Bubbles, Exploding Patterns, and the Myth of Stuck

dreamstime_xs_11337147 bubbles on grass

Yes, bubbles.

Big ones, little ones. Bubbles that float and merge, shimmer like rainbow globes and dissolve into thin air.

Start with a jar of bubble solution, or make your own with dishwashing detergent and water. Make or buy a couple of wands of different sizes.

The next time you find yourself stuck in a mental loop that goes something like…

I knew this would never work


I just want to stay in bed and hide under the covers until roots grow out of my hair


What’s the use? Nothing ever really changes


I should lose weight/eat more vegetables and chocolate/exercise every day/stop hanging out on Facebook all day/find a more decorous way to pick my nose

…get out your bubble solution and wand and blow bubbles.

It’s hard to hang onto fixed beliefs when bubbles are shimmering, sparkling and popping in glorious rainbow colors all around you.

Thoughts, beliefs, mind-loops, are patterns of energy.

And energy is infinitely malleable. It changes quickly. Your intention and imagination are your allies in transforming energy.

A pattern is more resistant to change because the energy of which it is composed is locked into a rigid structure that seems impermeable to change.

Blowing bubbles is both a metaphor for transformation, and a means of creating rapid change in an energy structure. Energy is being created and destroyed and re-created constantly. Bubbles remind us of this.

They destabilize a rigid structure by following the natural flow of energy, which is in a constant state of flux.

The patterns you despair of ever changing because they seem so stubborn and intransigent are in fact composed of energy quanta that dance and twirl in a continual stream of fission and fusion, creation and destruction.


Their airy transmutability is at the heart of the dark goddesses: Kali, Inanna, Demeter.

So the next time you feel stuck in a familiar groove, create and destroy and transmute by blowing bubbles. Literally. Or in your imagination.

Either way, the energy will shift. Old patterns will dissolve. New ones will emerge, to dissolve in turn…

Bubble therapy!

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