Questions . . .

Today’s post is pithy. Three simple questions I’ve been thinking about this morning. My answers are below. I invite you to take the questions into your day . . . and to share your answers here, if you like.

1. What do I want from my soul today?
Connection. Love. Delight. A playmate. Inspiration.
Solid ground under my feet.
Guidance through joy.

2. What does my soul want from me today?
Here’s what my soul said to me:
Be daring, be bold, let that genius out to play.
Be real. Feel into those places of constriction in your heart. Open a window. Or a door. Let fresh air in.
Sing! Out loud.
Go and visit (my friend) Louise at the hospital Palliative Care unit. Not tomorrow. Today.
Find a feather and tickle your nose with it. (Huh?)
Bathe in music. A wide variety of music.

3. What do my soul and I want to create together today?
A broad, clear sunlit path to walk along with loving friends.
Good conversation, great food, a map for the next stage of my journey.

How about you? What do you want from your soul today? What does your soul want from you? What do you and your soul want to create together?

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  • You are a sovereign being,
    a fractal of the Sacred,
    a fractal of Wholeness.
  • The flow of your life.
    The soul of your business.
  • Grow your business.
    Grow yourself.
  • Expand your life. Evolve your business.
  • The art of alignment. The miracle of action.
  • Trust in the power of your perfect unfolding.
  • Permission to grow, to flow, to know.
  • You learn about freedom by experiencing what it feels like to be bound.
  • Beyond your beliefs, beyond your drama — the truth of your life.
  • Success is becoming the person who can ask for hugs and holding when your own strength has deserted you.
  • Embrace the mystery at the heart of creation.
  • Your soul sends out tendrils of light and fragrance into the world.
  • You are the gift — and the giver.
    You are the Love, and the lover.
  • At the heart of all things — even limiting beliefs and painful programming — is wholeness.
  • Surrender is an act of will. It is aligning your will with the will of the Sacred.
  • You learn about sovereignty through the experience of being dethroned.
  • Love transforms.
  • Your soul's purpose is to participate in wholeness, to express wholeness.
  • True Desire is a messenger of your soul.
    It leads directly to your soul’s purposes.
  • Unfold the miracle of your life and business.
  • Business = Love in action.
  • Everything you need is already within you, waiting to unfold and express itself.
  • Your inner world shapes your outer world.
    Success is an inside job.
  • You are the story, and the story-maker.
    Your life is yours to shape.