The Care & Feeding of Boundaries


This morning, I’m honoring a profound desire to tend to my boundaries, which have become somewhat diffuse and hazy this week.

Boundaries are not walls, but rather, those forms that create and hold the evolving shape of your life. When I tuned into mine this morning, they felt studded with — and in places, shredded by — bits and pieces of the world’s stuff, embedded into my energy field like shrapnel.

As incarnate beings, we are both boundaried and boundless. We inhabit an ecology of being that includes everything from the unconditioned realms of unity and essence — in which we are one with all that is — to the pattern and form of our lives, which unfold in the conditioned realms of the 3-D world, as well as the subtle energy realms in-between.

Incarnation is a boundaried state in which the boundless soul enters into a conditioned field, and takes on a particular shape and form — a pattern that makes each of us uniquely ourselves, a very specific and individual expression of the Sacred.

Without boundaries, we would remain in the realms of formlessness. We choose to incarnate in the physical world because we love this earth, because we love the human family. Being here as incarnate beings offers us a richly creative environment in which to grow, serve the earth, serve humanity, experience and express our soul’s qualities within the form and pattern of our lives, and act as generative, co-creative partners to shape a world of love and blessing.

On a practical, everyday level, it’s pretty simple. Boundaries help me be more fully myself. When I am myself, I’m able to share myself — the gifts of soul, the gift of my personhood — with my world. I can be loving, kind, funny, playful, generous. My presence blesses me and my world.

When I lose myself — either by merging with someone or something else, or losing my sovereignty in some other way, by allowing that which is not-me to become stronger in my energetic space than my own soul — I become a blobby mess, unable to connect with my soul, and unavailable for true communion with anyone else.

For me, there’s a rhythm of engagement and solitude that helps me stay whole and present. Too much engagement and I fray around the edges. Too much solitude and I lose connection with my heart. So it’s a dance rather than a fixed state of being.

For the past 40+ years, I’ve had a daily practice of cleansing and restoring my body, energy body, and energy field. And, during that time, the world around me has changed, as have I.

As I age, what I need to sustain the vibrancy and health of my body and energy body changes as well. As the world around us changes, those personal practices of cleansing, nourishment and restoration that were effective and powerful in the past, become less so.

So, with my soul’s guidance, and in partnership with my Business Deva, the Devas of the Earth and Cosmos, the Devas of the Elements, the Devas of soul qualities, and my own embodied creativity and discernment, I devise new ways of harmonizing the elements of my energy body that are more skillful and responsive to the times in which we live.

Today, I’m filling the boundary of my energy field with flexibility and strength; release; receptivity and discernment; love and power; radiance and completion. Each of these qualities helps differentiate my incarnate being from the world around me. And, through that differentiation, I become more available for true relationship with my world today.

How about you? What is your relationship with your own boundaries today? How do you honor and care for them? How do challenges with your boundaries affect your life and business?

Uncertainty: An Energy Alchemy Approach


Yesterday I had an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon, who put me on a waitlist for hip replacement surgery. Here in Canada we’re blessed to have universal health-care, which means that the cost of my surgery will be covered by the modest health care insurance premiums I pay each month. The flip side of this is that surgical waitlists for joint replacements are up to a year long, and there’s no way to predict when the surgery will take place.

When I returned home from the appointment, I called a meeting with my soul, my inner selves, and my Business Deva, to explore how best to integrate surgery and recovery into the world of my business, when the timing of these events is unknown.

Holding the surgery/recovery in relationship to the ecology of my business, I invited both my soul and my Business Deva to harmonize these future elements with the pattern each of them holds for the perfect unfolding of my life, and the life of my business.

I watched timelines dissolve, only to emerge in different shapes and forms in my business’s ecology. The pattern of my life and business is being reconfigured to include the surgery. Allies appeared, from many dimensions, to lend their power and support to this reconfiguration. I went to bed with a peaceful heart, feeling in every cell of my body, the great movement of Divine Timing.

Over the next few days, I’ll do the things I can do now, to prepare for the surgery and its aftermath. Hire support. Talk with my family about what to expect, and what I might need from them. Arrange to buy or rent the equipment I’ll need after the surgery. But mostly, I’ll continue to harmonize the surgery and healing with the pattern that my soul and the Deva of my business hold, for the perfect unfolding of my life and my business.

When you’re facing uncertainty in your life — whether it’s due to illness, a relationship gone awry, death of a beloved, financial constriction, or any one of a myriad possibilities that have the potential to derail you — energy alchemy helps you align with the powers and potentials that love and support your incarnation and the world of your business.

It’s simple. It’s practical. It’s a profoundly relational way to take care of business.

How do you handle uncertainty in your life, and its potential impact on your business?

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To Be Soul, Do Soul: Energy Alchemy at Work


You’re lounging in your pyjamas on a deliciously slow Sunday morning, reading a new book that has you in thrall. Your fingers are slick with buttered toast. There are crumbs in your hair. Life is good.

And then, the phone rings. It’s your friend, whom you love, and whose calls you’ve begun to dread because she’s become The Bad News Bear. She’s loving and kind and fun and you’ve known her forever and you can’t imagine your life without her, but…she kvetches. She complains. Endlessly.

She tells you, in excruciating detail, every terrible thing that’s happened since you last spoke — not just in her own life, but in her friends’ lives too. She tells you about deaths, tragedies, disasters. Everything — from tradespeople who don’t show up when they say they will, to her neighbour’s cat who was diagnosed with cancer and her aunt who is losing her marbles — is parsed with equal woe.

Your buoyant mood deflates as you slide further down your couch. Your toast grows cold. An hour later, you can’t feel your hand, or your ear. Your brain left the building somewhere in the middle of a long story about deadly aphids. You’re dying to get away, but can’t think of a kind way to end this conversation.

By the time your friend finally hangs up, all you have the energy to do is stagger into the kitchen and drown yourself in a pint of Chunky Monkey.

What you’ve just experienced is your energy field being flooded by a rising tide of your friend’s energy, along with her stories and fears, her feelings and thoughts. The Chunky Monkey? Sugar is one way your body gets back into present time, quickly. It has other, less salutary effects on your metabolism and moods, but it does restore you to yourself, at least temporarily.

So, yes, this is an extreme example of a common phenomenon. And, in this case, it’s fairly easy to track the pathway from you, enjoying a peaceful Sunday morning, to you with Chunky Monkey the only thing between you and ultimate despair.

And yet, we experience the effects of other people’s energy, their thoughts and feelings, and even of events that happen halfway around the world from us, every single day. All of these phenomena affect us, sometimes in painful ways.

We get stuck in narratives that aren’t ours. We feel helpless, hopeless, unable to effect change. We feel inadequate, alone. We find ourselves abandoning our dreams, sinking into a morass of despair or slogging through swamps of inertia and what’s-the-use. We lose our joy. We lose connection with what inspires and energizes us.

We are directly affected by the pressure of ambient events. We participate in the floating cloud of undigested feelings, incoherent thoughts, unintegrated energies that hovers around our world. Whether or not we’re aware of it, we feel the effects of all of these in our own bodies and energy fields.

The fact is, we live in intricately nested energy ecologies. The more skillfully you are able to work with your own energy field, and navigate the complex energy ecologies in which you are embedded, the more successfully you’ll create what you want to, in your life and business.

When you’re present and whole, your body and energy field are filled with the power and radiance of your soul, and of your incarnate self. Just as a healthy immune system keeps you from catching a cold — or any one of a multitude of virus-borne diseases that surround you at any given moment — a healthy energy body filters out energies in your environment that aren’t in harmony with your inner being.

On the other hand, when you aren’t present, when your inner state is more jumbled and fragmented than harmonious and whole, the unintegrated stuff within you becomes a portal through which energies that aren’t your own enter your energy field. You absorb energies from outside of yourself and experience them as though they were yours. This can lead to confusion, lack of clarity and direction, indecisiveness, overwhelm, and more.

Here’s a hypothetical example: You’re feeling kinda bored, maybe a bit lonely, so you browse your Facebook feed, or play on Pinterest, or dive into Instagram, feeling that familiar mixture of anticipation, overwhelm and increasing distance from your own body. Then, this happens:

a) You read one of your favorite blogs, or a great Facebook post. Or a sublime image pops up on your Instagram feed. You come away feeling inspired, enthusiastic, and buoyant with possibility. The feeling stays with you for a while, brightening your day, perhaps even inspiring a post of your own. Then, it dissipates…


b) You check out a link to a sales page or website. You find yourself feeling restless, dissatisfied with yourself or your business, convinced you need something. You don’t know what that something is, but you’re pretty sure you don’t have it. You’re also pretty sure you need to get it from out there — a book, a class, a retreat, a community, an experience. Maybe it will change your life. Maybe your world will morph from shades of grey to glorious color. Maybe…

In each of these scenarios, you’ve absorbed or matched the energy of the site you’ve visited.

The high you got from the inspiring post doesn’t last, because it isn’t your energy. It can reconnect you with your own soul, which is a powerful source of inspiration and enthusiasm, but if you don’t consciously shift your attention to the source of these qualities within you, the high will disappear sooner rather than later.

The dissatisfaction and restlessness you feel after visiting that website is not your energy either. But it plugs — like a bulb in a socket — into your own stories and beliefs about not being enough, not having enough, not knowing enough.

These stories and beliefs carry an energetic and emotional charge. So you end up feeling dissatisfied, restless, or empty, depending on how the energy interacts with your own stories. Or you feel suddenly angry, sad, thrilled or something else that you weren’t feeling before you began your Browse-a-thon. What you’re experiencing is the result of at least two things:

a) the effects of energy that isn’t yours, which can leave you with feelings and thoughts that aren’t your own, yet that feel overwhelmingly, and sometimes painfully, real


b) the prickle and zing of your own stories and patterns — your un-integrated stuff.

You can’t do anything with energy that isn’t yours. You can’t process it, encourage it to flow, or integrate it into your wholeness. But once you’ve identified it as not-yours, you can release it. It doesn’t have to run your life.

Discerning between feelings and thoughts that are your own, and those that are the result of energy you’ve absorbed, begins with knowing yourself. Be mindful of your own rhythms, your patterns, your loves and dislikes. Pay attention to the subtle movements of your own feelings, and get to know them. Know what your triggers are, and which patterns surface when your buttons are pushed.

Get to know your inner selves, and make friends with them. Bring them home to the heart of your wholeness, where they belong, so your inner three-year-old isn’t trying to run your business, or your thirteen-year-old self isn’t feeling responsible for managing that high-stakes meeting.

Develop an ongoing practice of centered awareness, and a daily practice of cleansing and harmonizing your energy field. This should be as simple and regular a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth. You are a physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual being, so cultivate and nourish each of these aspects of your being-ness.

Ultimately, you are an incarnate, embodied soul. You don’t have to do anything to be soul — soul is who you are. But you can experience your soul’s presence within you by expressing it in your life. You can strengthen your soul-ness by doing what soul does. To be soul, do soul. Be kind. Be generous. Be loving. Be powerful. Bless the people and places you encounter each day. Bless yourself, your beloveds, your business, your world. Partner with the Devas of your neighbourhood, your business, your country, the Earth, to make manifest the pattern that each of them holds for the perfect unfolding of the life in its care.

The more you act from your soul-self, the more you will strengthen your inner radiance and become a source of soul in your world. And, the next time your friend calls and launches into a litany of woe, you’ll meet her with sovereignty, truth, kindness and love instead of burying yourself in that pint of Chunky Monkey!

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Sweet Success and the Soul of Your Business

dreamstime_xs_7608870 raining gold coins

There is a deep desire for freedom, spaciousness, abundance and ease, among our community of creative entrepreneurs. We long to contribute our creativity, skills and heart to the task of building a world that works for everyone. We believe in business as a soul path. We also want to flourish, to build a foundation of wealth and prosperity for ourselves, our beloveds, our communities and our planet.

And yet, when we pursue success on terms that are not our own, we suffer. Ease and joy are lost in the daily grind of too much and not enough. Too many things clamoring for our time and attention. Too many responsibilities, demands, needs to be met. Not enough time, support, spaciousness, breathing room.

At every stage of business, we are offered these gifts and challenges: To meet our own needs and those of our businesses, with a full heart. To honor our true desires even when they seem to contradict each other. And to stay creative, playful, engaged and flexible while taking inspired action to fulfill our vision of what we and our businesses can be.

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The true basis for abiding success, in life and in business, is presence and connection. When you are deeply connected with your soul, you know what’s right for you, and you act to fulfill your deepest desires. When you are deeply connected with the soul of your business, you have a clear vision of its life and purpose, and a powerful ally in bringing that vision down to earth.

Your definition of success is as individual as you are — and it will change over time, as your true desires, and those of your business, continue to evolve.

Your business has its own soul, its own essence and purpose, its own allies, life path and reason for being. In this 7-day e-course, you’ll meet the soul of your business, and learn how to partner with it to co-create the kind of success that nurtures your soul, builds a foundation of wealth, prosperity and provision for you and your beloveds, and makes a lasting and positive contribution to the soul of the world.

Sustainable success is anchored in inner attunement with your own desires and those of your business, followed by clear and purposeful action.

By the end of our seven-day exploration, you will have a direct experience of the depth and power of your own soul, and the soul of your business. You’ll get a taste of the energy alchemy skills and practices that are the cornerstone of my 12-week program, Become Your Own Business Adviser, which begins September 28. It is a business-building, life-transforming program unlike any other.

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Choosing Matters

dreamstime_xs_15921334 fork in the road

Every choice we make has energetic consequences. Choosing matters. Who we choose to hang out with matters, because each encounter shapes us, and shapes our world. How and where we choose to spend our time, energy, resources and attention matters, because these choices shape our becoming, and shape the world in which we live.

There are no inconsequential choices. The seemingly innocuous choices we make day to day are powerful.

Receive the gift of choice with a discerning and grateful heart. Honour the choices that present themselves in each moment. Step into your soul’s light, and choose — choose from there.

Unconscious patterns of thought, belief, and behaviour carve deep grooves along which we glide, riding a cushion of air, removed from the truth of our bodies, separated from the light of our hearts, turned away from the relational power of our souls. Unconsciousness obscures our vision, and leads us to destroy what matters most — our souls, the soul of the earth, and the life which it holds in its care.

Consciously choosing that which is in harmony with our souls returns us to the heart of wholeness, where we belong. It restores us to the real. One precious, irreplaceable choice at a time.

Choosing matters.

Call Me

swinging from the moon

I grew up in Bombay, which, in the 1950’s, was a vibrant mercantile city of about 3 million people. It was a city of neighborhoods. The one in which we lived was a mish-mash of old Colonial bungalows, crumbling plaster houses, low concrete buildings and hole-in-the-wall shops. One corner of our neighborhood, which everyone called “the village”, was a small enclave straight out of Old Goa. This seemed a wildly exotic place, to us kids, who only went there when invited to visit our Goan friends in their tiled-roof cottages. We played hide-and-seek in an open courtyard, summer’s heat and dust rising off the pavement, until the sun quivered scarlet on the horizon, and it was time to go home.

The city itself was a bewildering bazaar of the weird and wonderful. Scrofulous, smelly, dirty, crowded, it nevertheless brimmed over with color and beauty, the thwop of cricket played on the Maidan, the raucous conversations of crows, vignettes of love and beauty, cruelty and kindness in the slimy streets. And the shining sea all around. Bombay is an island.

Summers, school holidays, and weekends, we took the train high up into the mountains of the Western Ghats, where my aunt was the principal of a boarding school in a tiny village called Khandala. It was almost entirely wilderness then — dense jungles where panthers still prowled, and where I hiked and climbed and explored alone for hours each day without ever running into another human being. This was home. I loved it as we only ever love as children — with my whole, unfettered heart. It was the world’s first fingerprint on me, and it claimed me utterly.

The places we inhabit when we are very young inhabit us in turn, for we are newly incarnated then, and our souls are passionately present, brimming over with the love that brought us here in the first place. They shape who we are, as surely as the food we eat, the schools we go to, and the air we breathe.

My calling — though I didn’t know that’s what it was, back then — felt like a great river of love that flowed between me and my two worlds. It found its creative expression in the things I loved to do — hike, wander, commune with the Nature Devas and other subtle energy beings who filled my world. I’d write; draw; paint; read; climb trees, climb mountains. I loved to learn; daydream; map the night sky, with its stars that felt like home, onto my skin, in the whorled shells of my ears. I loved to stretch across the far horizon to the wide world beyond, which I knew only from books and my own soul’s immense reach. And yet, I knew someday it would be my home.

In Khandala, I experienced a kind of ecstatic union with the natural world and the Earth herself. I was as much a part of it as the sky, the mountains, the jungles and birds and waterfalls. It’s where I first met and loved the Nature Devas and other non-physical beings who were the architects and guardians of that wilderness landscape. Loving them, I wanted to be part of their activity, part of what they did to weave that magical place into being, to care for it and nurture it so it could be its exquisitely beautiful self.

In Bombay, the human world called me to a more complicated love. It shredded my heart in ways that the wilderness never did. My family was middle-class, not fabulously wealthy like the families of many of the girls I went to private school with. But we lived in a city in which entire families subsisted on little more than chappatis and chili peppers, where hungry children and their malnourished parents begged on the streets or labored in the punishing heat to fill their bellies with a fistful of rice.

When I was very young, before the Devas had shown me how to work with energy to alchemize suffering that I could not alleviate in any other way, my body was flooded every day with a wracked tide of love and despair.

I wanted to help, with the kind of desperate, helpless love that is a child’s spontaneous offering. On family outings, enroute to the market, or on the trolley bus to school, I stopped and talked with beggars. I held the hands of lepers, stroked their crumbling fingers. And I yelled in outrage at my family when they hauled me away bodily from these encounters. I felt ashamed, helpless, furious in the face of so much needless suffering.

Eventually, my soul told me it was time to say goodbye to India. To grow my capacity to serve, I needed to grow aspects of myself first, in a different culture and geography. I left India and moved, first to the U.S., and then to Canada, where I’ve lived all my adult life. Here, I’ve found home and belonging, raised my family. Here, I continue to do my life’s work.

The needs in this part of the world are culturally shaped, and different than they are in India. Yes, there is poverty and homelessness, income disparity and social injustice here too. But there is also a bedrock of provision and support. We are blessed with prosperity of the sort that most of the world can barely dream of.

The true poverty here is a poverty of connection, beginning with inner connection. Our lives are fragmented; we have forgotten our place in wholeness. Our focus has been so firmly fixed on the material world that we forget that our world is wholeness incarnate, a fractal of the Sacred — and we are too. We forget that our outer reality is a direct expression of a wholeness which we either contribute to or devolve with our thoughts and beliefs, our choices and actions. We are in thrall to things that can never fill us up. All the while, we are starved for that which matters most — our relationships with our souls, with our hearts, with our beloveds, with our communities, with our natural and human world.

We have the opportunity, as a culture, to work together to create a world that works for everyone. The problems of the world remain intractable, its patterns of violence and poverty, hunger and degradation, seem impossible to change. Yet I have immense hope for us, as a species, as members of the intricate ecology that is life on our planet. Devas and other allies in the subtle energy realms work tirelessly to do their part in the reweaving of the world. We have the capacity to do our part, in partnership with them, in partnership with each other.

Calling, to me, is a summons from the soul of the world to participate in the life of the world. Calling is my soul’s response to the world’s need, and to my own deepest love and desire. For me, that call has been, first, to be fully myself, to be whole. And then, to be an active agent of wholeness in my world.

This is what impels everything I do. This is my calling. To love what I love, to offer all that I am and all that I have in service to the perfect unfolding of everything and everyone I am in relationship with. So I continue to write. I continue to teach. I share what I know, what I’ve learned, created and developed through over 40 years of doing this work. I share what I continue to learn each and every day: How to be in right relationship with the ecologies in which we are embedded. How to be in relationship with our own souls, the souls of our businesses, the soul of humanity, the soul of the world. How to partner with the non-physical world to make heaven on earth. How to protect, strengthen and serve the essence at the heart of the people and places I love, so they can be more fully themselves.

As for what’s next: I don’t know. At this stage of my life, I’m seldom shown more than the landscape directly ahead of me. When I step into it in faith, miracles happen. What’s calling me next is greater relationship, collaboration, play. And more writing. All of it will show up in perfect timing, as it always does — in ways I almost never expect!

Thanks to lovely Renu Murik for asking me the questions about calling that inspired this post.

Power: Love in Action

holding power

Power is one of the qualities of your soul. You were born with the quality of power pulsing through every cell of your body. It is what enabled you to make the journey from formlessness into form, from essence into incarnation. Without power, you would not exist.

So power is within you, always, just as it is within all forms of creation. Open your eyes and look out your window. That tree, with its tender new leaves, the squirrel scurrying through the grass, that wide blue sky, those scudding clouds – they all exude power, because each is an expression of spirit in the material world. And spirit can only become matter through the activity of power.

Power remains vibrantly alive in the natural world, where it is renewed through organic cycles and seasonal processes. It’s the reason why walking in the woods, climbing a mountain, swimming in the ocean, working in your garden, lying on a beach and looking up at the stars in the night sky can leave you feeling replenished, deeply rested, as powerful as a planet.
When you consciously connect with it, the natural world lends you its power, and helps you restore your own.

And yet, in the daily noise of life and work, of growing and caring for your business, your family, your body, your home, it’s easy to become disconnected from your soul, and with it, from the source of your power. When your website is hacked, or your child is ill, or that project you’ve poured your heart into doesn’t pan out, you can feel defeated, powerless, at the mercy of forces beyond your control.

There’s the rub. We mistake control for power, and become discouraged when we encounter what we cannot control. The truth is, life has its own rhythm and timing, its own inner logic and flow. We have very little control over what happens around us. But, we do have power.

Your personal power is composed of a number of qualities, including sovereignty, self-esteem, self-knowledge, self-appreciation, grounding, and the ability to be centered, present and focused. It includes strong, flexible, permeable boundaries, understanding, and insight.

There are many different aspects to personal power. All of them hinge on your power to choose.

You choose the lens through which you focus. You can choose to see the circumstances of your life as opportunities for growth and creation or you can choose to see them as wounds and disabilities.

Or you can simply choose to see them as they are. You can choose to see the continuum through which your soul carries you through experiences of wounding and disability into growth and creation.

How you see yourself and the world around you will determine what your experiences of that world will be.

Seeing, in other words, is in some way about belief.

If you believe that your relationship to the world is an antagonistic one, that the world is a scary place and you have to protect yourself from it, then you will diminish and deplete your power. Your power will move out to the boundary of your space to try and defend it, leaving the interior of your space – your inner self – vacant rather than filled with your presence.

When you are absent rather than present, you are vulnerable to energies entering your space that don’t honor or respect your sovereignty.

The energy alchemy work we do in Become Your Own Business Adviser is powerful because it brings you back into right relationship with every aspect of your own ecology, and that of your business. Power flows from the integrity and harmony of your being, and the coherency and integrity of the world of your business.

When you transform the beliefs and patterns that keep you from seeing things as they are, you clear the distorting lenses that shape your experience of reality. You see people and situations in their wholeness – their contradictions, vulnerability and fragmentation, as well as their beauty, strength, and delight – rather than through the scrim of your fears, beliefs, programming and stories.

Once you see things as they are, you can choose to create more of the same, or you can choose to create something entirely different. Or you might choose to create something that builds on the past to shape a more vibrant future.

You have the power to choose what you’re going to create, purposefully, intentionally.

You can choose your values. You can choose how you think, how you act, what you put your energy into, who you hang out with. Choose what you say Yes to, and what you say No to.

When your choices are in alignment with your vision, your values, and your soul’s purpose, they have the power of an arrow flying directly at its mark. The more you bring your choices into alignment with your values and your soul, the more power you will have.

You can choose to act in ways that support your values or that diminish them. You can act to enhance and contribute to the whole, or you can act in ways that benefit yourself at the expense of the whole – in which case, you will diminish yourself because whatever happens to the whole happens to you too.

You can act in alignment with Source or you can act against it.

When you own your power to see, to choose, and to act, you stand in your power, you stand in your sovereignty. Then, things start to manifest very quickly. The gap between your intention, action and result becomes almost invisible.

When you don’t own your power, when you are stuck in narratives about victimization or obsess over your wounds or don’t follow through on your values and your commitments, you become much less effective.

Right relationship with power is essential for successfully creating anything – in your business and in your life.

We are powerful, when we choose to be.

Nelson Mandela used the long years of his imprisonment to develop inner power and freedom. So did Viktor Frankl, in Nazi death camps. They did this by choosing their state of consciousness – they chose clarity, peace, truth, freedom. They chose to meet the fist of brutality with the immense power of the human spirit.

Power is the active form of Love. Control is powerlessness masquerading as power.

If we are so powerful, why do we forget that we are incarnate souls? Why do we forget that we have the power of the stars and galaxies, of the Earth itself, in our bellies and lungs, in our bones and hearts?

We live in a culture that surrounds us with reminders of our powerlessness. It bombards us with messages about what we don’t have, what we must have in order to be happy, successful, fulfilled. We live in an environment teeming with not-enoughness. It pulls us out of our bodies, out of ourselves, and leaves us stranded on the far shore of striving to be smarter, richer, thinner, cleaner, more evolved, more innovative, more something.

When we believe we are not enough, we separate from ourselves. We disconnect from our bodies, our feelings, our sacredness, our souls — from the very sources of our power and nourishment. And, because our relationship with ourselves is the foundation for all of our relationships, we disconnect from the earth, the natural world, and the sacred life all around us.

It’s no wonder, then, that we lose touch with the power we embodied so naturally and effortlessly when we were first born, when we were very young children.

I don’t want to sentimentalize childhood. The limitless qualities of our souls – love, freedom, abundance, power — are vibrantly present in us when we are very young, but we have yet to develop the capacity to use these qualities effectively and skillfully. We have yet to learn how these infinite forces function, in a world that is defined by boundaries and limits. It’s what childhood is for – to learn, to grow, to experiment in the playground of incarnation.

My granddaughter, who turned three last summer, has been playing with power and the limits of power more consciously, in the past few months. She’s figuring out how power works. Her mum asks her if she wants a snack, and she roars NO! at the top of her lungs – just because she can. Then she laughs uproariously, filled with gleeful delight at her own capacity to choose, and climbs up onto the kitchen chair to devour her milk and carrot sticks.

Her relationship with power remains an exploratory one – free of guilt, shame, blame, and the rest of the gremlins that beset us as we grow up and take on the shapes imposed upon us by our world.

Our families, schools and other social and educational institutions make sure we understand and obey the agreed-upon norms of our society. It’s an uneasy — and I hope, temporary — but necessary accommodation. We can’t go around yelling NO! to things we actually want, because if we do, they will no longer be available to us.

We can’t even yell NO! to things we don’t want, because we live in a world of relationships, and relationships require empathy, kindness, courtesy, and yes, tact, give-and-take, the willingness to be flexible and open to other points of view.

So, in training to be social beings, we learn both the helpful and the not-so-helpful accommodations of civil society. We learn to listen and be receptive to others, but we also learn to dissemble, to tell polite white lies, to hide our true feelings and pretend to like things we don’t. We hold ourselves back from voicing our true desires. We turn away from that which we truly long for.

Eventually, when we’ve done this for long enough, we grow distant from our desires until we no longer know what we feel, what we want, or how to find our way back home to who we really are. We numb out. We fill the void left by our unfulfilled desires with things, people, and experiences that are poor substitutes for our own soul’s essence. We give over, give away or throw away our power until we no longer have access to it.

The resulting feelings of powerlessness take us even further away from our wholeness, from the essential wholeness and power of the world.

And so the cycle is perpetuated. It’s that disconnection from power that gives rise to mechanisms of control, abuse of authority, and social, economic, and religious structures that serve a small minority at the expense of everyone else.

We experience abuses of power – in our homes and families, classrooms, financial institutions, social and economic systems. We experience the ways in which power is unequally distributed and misused in our workplaces, in our systems of governance and justice.

We react to this growing body of experience and understanding in a variety of ways. Some of us shrink away from the responsibility of owning and wielding power because we are afraid of the corrupting influence of power. Or we become mired in anger, blame, impotence or beliefs about power and powerlessness that keep us from accessing the depths of our own personal power, and using it in service to wholeness through focused, inspired, collaborative action.

Eventually, we forget that power is a quality of soul, that it is within us and cannot be taken away from us, no matter what. We identify ourselves and others as victims, we carve up our world into ideological categories – oppressors, victims, oppressed. And we contribute to the distortions that come from conflating the uses and abuses of power with its essence, which is the activity of love.

Power is Love in action. On a soul level, you have access to all the powers of wholeness — in this world and in the subtle energy worlds. When I say that the powers of the stars and galaxies, of the Earth and sun, are in you, I mean this quite literally. You can access these powers in your own energy body, once you develop the consciousness, skill and capacity to do so.

Much of the work we do in my 12-week program, Become Your Own Business Adviser, is this work of accessing and developing your power and other soul qualities, embodying and expressing them in your business and in your daily life. As you do this work of inner growth and transformation, everything changes. Your life, your business, unfold with what seems like miraculous ease. And ease is also a soul quality — one of the hallmarks of power.

Power wielded in service to love, in harmony with wholeness, is among the most creative forces in the universe.

Power is the first quality to emerge from formlessness into form. It is the quality that gives shape and form to all of life.

But power is also a function of your incarnation, your personhood. Your personal power derives from everything you are and do. It grows or diminishes, depending on the choices you make, the actions you take, and the rhythms and patterns by which you live your life.

Your genetic makeup, your physical health and well-being, your emotional resiliency, your mental acuity and your energetic strength and flexibility all contribute to your personal power. So do the health of your relationships with others, with the natural world, with your home, your work, your creativity, your culture and your community.

You grow your personal power by being true to yourself, by giving yourself what you need, when you need it, by honoring your desires, by nourishing your heart and the heart of the world, by living your deepest values.

When you do what you say you’re going to do, you enhance your personal power. When you keep your promises to yourself, you gain power. When you align your choices and actions with your soul’s purposes, your true desires and intentions, you develop your personal power.

You may have lost touch with your personal power. You may have contracted away from it, or ignored it, or bought into a story that you don’t have it. Your capacity to hold and express your power may wax and wane, depending on what’s going on in your life, who you’re with, and what your circumstances are. But power is in you, as a seed or potential, waiting for you to claim it, develop your capacity to express it and use it skillfully to create your heart’s truest desires.

And, because it is a soul quality, it brings you into harmony and resonance with all beings, both in the incarnate world and in the subtle energy realms. It unites you with the soul of the earth, the Deva of the Cosmos, and the entire, sacred web of creation.

When you truly understand this, in a practical way, you’ll know that everything you choose to create is really a co-creation. And when you partner with the powers of wholeness – from those closest to you, like the soul or Deva of your business, your family, your home, to those that may seem impossibly far away, like the Devas of galaxies and multidimensional realms far removed from our own – your life and your business unfold in miraculous ways. You and your business become part of the activity of Power, part of the activity of Divine Order. You contribute to the evolution of a world that nourishes all of life.

Join me and a powerful circle of creative folks for the next session of Become Your Own Business Adviser, which begins March 30th. You can sign up to listen to the recording of a preview teleclass, Sweet Success and the Soul of Your Business, right here. And, if you already know that you’re ready for a journey that will transform your life and open up undreamed-of opportunities in your business, register for this magical 12-week program, here.

This is How Transformation Works

transformation - butterfly

Transformation is not incremental change — though it may happen as a result of small actions taken consistently over long periods of time. Transformation is radical reshaping. What was, morphed into what is.

Transformation always takes place in the context of relationship.

You can transform any situation, heal any pattern, by being in right relationship with it. To do this, you have to be in right relationship with yourself first. Fill yourself with love — with the power of your soul’s presence — before you engage with the situation and the ecology within which it exists. When you do this, you become an agent of wholeness, a servant of the Sacred.

Sovereignty rules, so any transformation that involves another being requires consent and collaboration from everyone involved.

The central qualities of any good relationship are the same no matter what — love, kindness, generosity, communion, devotion, communication, truth, openness, curiosity, playfulness, integrity, sovereignty, acceptance, willingness, support, and so on.

Every pattern, every situation, is also a relationship — between you and the pattern, between you and the situation and the other people and elements involved in it.

So, for example, if you want to heal or transform a pattern where you’re consistently late — for appointments, for anything that you’ve committed to showing up for at a specific time — you can approach that pattern as you would any relationship.

Be curious. Be open. What parts of you hold or carry this pattern? How old are these aspects of you? Ask these inner selves to show you or tell you what they believe, what they feel, what they need.

Bring a clearer, stronger energy — of compassion, love, sovereignty, wholeness — into the encounter with the pattern, and with those aspects of yourself that hold the pattern. These inner selves may be young, confused, inarticulate, or hanging onto experiences that shaped their worldview and that continue to govern their choices and actions.

Help them release what’s no longer true for them and you. Support them in liberating themselves from past experiences, and bring them back into your heart, where they can contribute their gifts to your wholeness. Explore what happens, as you develop relationships of trust and love with each of these aspects of you.

Wholeness embraces everything in the ecology of being — light and dark, healed and unhealed, clear and muddy. To transform anything in your ecology, whether it’s an inner pattern or a situation or experience in the world around you, you have to first acknowledge it as it is. Then, come into right relationship with it by meeting it with your own loving, sovereign presence. Act in harmony with the pattern of your being. Honor its sovereignty and presence as well.

In any situation, the clearest, strongest energy prevails. So, bring an energy of love and truth, wholeness and compassion, power and presence, to any encounter. It will transform you, the situation, and everyone involved.

Transformation gathers into love’s embrace

Transformation gathers into love's embrace

Transformation gathers into
love’s embrace
all that’s been denied, hidden
shamefully unsheltered

The chrysalis dissolves

But the watery grave
from which the butterfly’s
winged glory rises

is the humble worm’s
pungent dream of flight

On Support and Provision

New Holland Honeyeaters eating out of the palm of a hand

Support and provision are qualities of soul. Along with other essence qualities like power, love, truth and abundance, they emerge from the field of unity, of formlessness, and are at the heart of all forms of life.

Both support and provision are also among the primary qualities of your first chakra, the energy center that shapes your incarnation and your sense of safety, grounding, and belonging. When you truly know that you are safe and supported, when you know — viscerally and unmistakably — that you are provided for with every breath you take, that knowledge frees you to become more fully yourself. It frees you to participate in the life of the world as a source of those qualities that you alone can bring to it.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll never experience fear or doubt. These feelings, too, are part of the human experience, and they will arise to greater or lesser degree each time you choose to leave the safety of what you know, to discover what you don’t yet know or to create something new.

Support and provision give you the foundation you need to risk stepping into your future, even when you don’t know what it holds. Because something greater than your singular self holds you, provides for you, and sustains you. If you fall, you have a soft, loving lap to hold you until you’re ready to stand up again, to move towards your heart’s true desires.

  • You are a sovereign being,
    a fractal of the Sacred,
    a fractal of Wholeness.
  • The flow of your life.
    The soul of your business.
  • Grow your business.
    Grow yourself.
  • Expand your life. Evolve your business.
  • The art of alignment. The miracle of action.
  • Trust in the power of your perfect unfolding.
  • Permission to grow, to flow, to know.
  • You learn about freedom by experiencing what it feels like to be bound.
  • Beyond your beliefs, beyond your drama — the truth of your life.
  • Success is becoming the person who can ask for hugs and holding when your own strength has deserted you.
  • Embrace the mystery at the heart of creation.
  • Your soul sends out tendrils of light and fragrance into the world.
  • You are the gift — and the giver.
    You are the Love, and the lover.
  • At the heart of all things — even limiting beliefs and painful programming — is wholeness.
  • Surrender is an act of will. It is aligning your will with the will of the Sacred.
  • You learn about sovereignty through the experience of being dethroned.
  • Love transforms.
  • Your soul's purpose is to participate in wholeness, to express wholeness.
  • True Desire is a messenger of your soul.
    It leads directly to your soul’s purposes.
  • Unfold the miracle of your life and business.
  • Business = Love in action.
  • Everything you need is already within you, waiting to unfold and express itself.
  • Your inner world shapes your outer world.
    Success is an inside job.
  • You are the story, and the story-maker.
    Your life is yours to shape.