What are you settling for?

chasing a bubble

I’m astonished at, and saddened by, how little we are willing to settle for. We are fractals of the Sacred. Yet we settle for a living instead of a life. Fitting in, as a substitute for belonging. Approval, fame, stardom — each of these is but a pale reflection of our radiance, our deep longing to offer our soul’s creative presence to our world, and to be received with joyous celebration.

If you were to lose everything that you’ve settled for — all the roles, identities, possessions, relationships, and functions that define you — you would still be unmistakably, irreplaceably you. The Sacred incarnate.

Can you really be satisfied with less?

The Gifts of Difference

dreamstime_xs_2490731 walking together uphill

We are each at different places in our life’s journey, yet when we choose to share our stories and travel together, the companionship we offer each other is invaluable.

We learn so much from each other, precisely because we bring our unique personhood and widely disparate experiences to the task of forging new pathways. The richest learning takes place at the boundary between us, where our differences call us to expand, so we can embrace wider horizons, and deepen into greater understanding.

The gifts of journeying together in a conscious way are evolutionary — new growth, richer relationships, the birth of true stories.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People: On Karma


Growing up in India, poverty, hunger, disease, death and suffering were all around me. You can smell it, see it, taste it there. It’s in your face, in ways that it isn’t, here, most of the time.

It’s also a culture in which the concept of karma leads to fatalism at one end of the spectrum, and acceptance and surrender at the other.

Karma is a concept — a description of reality rather than reality itself. In one sense, there’s no such thing as karma. There are patterns of unfolding, which have their own internal logic and order, and karma is a description of one aspect of that logic, of that order.

In other words, karma is not personal — it doesn’t pertain just to a particular, individual life. Each of us is an ecology rather than a singular self. And we live within nested ecologies of beingness that are interdependent. We are shaped by them, and we contribute to them through our actions, choices, intentions, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.

In this sense, we participate in many different kinds of karma. Individual karma is not separate from the karma of a society, a culture, gender or humanity itself.

Karma, in this sense, is a path that’s been created by thousands of people and animals walking across the same trackless wilderness along the same trajectory for a very long time.

Cultural thought-forms, beliefs, and archetypes all make grooves in human consciousness. And we participate in those grooves, because we are part of the collective consciousness. It takes conscious effort to approach things as they are, rather than through the scrim of our individual and collective history.

So the karma that led to the tragic events of 9/11, for example, emerged from a complex weave of tangled patterns. Beliefs about tribal loyalty and tribal justice. Beliefs that the good of one group can be brought about by the destruction of another. Beliefs that there is one right answer, one right God, one right anything at all — and that everything outside of that paradigm is The Other.

All of these thought-forms create karmic patterns. And we contribute to these through our individual consciousness, as well as through the ways in which we live our lives, the choices we make, the people we elect to govern us, and a million other variables that make up the ecology of the world in which we live.

Wholeness has a way of asserting itself, regardless of the results that emerge from fragmentation.

No, those men and women who died on 9/11 did not bring those terrible events upon themselves because of their karma. That’s a child’s version of tit for tat. The men, women and children who died in Hiroshima in 1945, or the millions who have been killed in wars, or those who die of poverty, hunger, disease and malnutrition every day don’t bring these things upon themselves either.

The larger question, I believe, is this: How are we to live today, knowing that we shape the world even as it shapes us? Knowing, too, that we are fractals of the Sacred, that we are wholeness too — that we participate in, and are co-creators with the Great Mystery.

What can you and I do now, today, to heal the karmic patterns that shape us, and to bring to life new ones that contribute to wholeness? How can we as a community make pathways of love and equality, compassion and understanding, mercy, safety, shelter and kindness for everyone?

These are pathways we make by walking. One choice, one action, one step at a time.

What’s the one step you will take today?

Birthday gifts, from me to you

Birthday gifts

It’s my birthday! And I have gifts for you that I trust will remind you to play, laugh, and bathe in your own splendid, squirmy delight.

We sometimes forget, in the midst of the daily noise, who we really are and why we chose to make ourselves at home in this beautiful, bewildering world. When you’re focused on scrambling over the wall in front of you, you can miss the wide horizon that invites you to melt into its embrace.

So, here are some gifts to remind you of your gorgeous, creative Self.

You Are a Miracle a video poem
You Are a Miracle a downloadable poster and desktop wallpaper
And, just for today, a gift copy of my ebook of poems, Rumors of Home

Please click the links above, to download your gifts. The poster and video poem are always available to you. The link to a gift copy of my poetry ebook vanishes – poof! — at 9 am PST tomorrow, September 19th.

Enjoy! And, if you feel inspired, please offer your own beautiful, creative heart to your world in whatever way calls to you, today.

Phone a friend, and tell her what you cherish about her.

Write a poem, take your camera out on a photo-date, paint, cook a meal, or put on some music and dance.

Share your joy and exuberance. The world needs you, O Miraculous One!

Make your life a celebration, today!

Love, Hiro

Bless yourself, arriving

Spiral shell

Today, let the descending spiral of this week lead you home, to your own tender heart.

Trace the pathway that has brought you here — trace it with your fingertip, on the palm of your hand.

Monday’s promise, unfurling light.
Tuesday’s thunder shower, erasing the sky.
Wednesday’s pivot, your heel at the summit — breath and courage.

Thursday’s swift glide.
Friday’s stumbling descent, a ragged completion.
Saturday — clear sleep and muddy play, a raucous market.

And today. Sunday.

Let your fingertip rest in the palm of your hand.
This stillness. This pause at the heart.
This listening. This pulse.

Tomorrow’s heartbeat lub-dubbing in your ear.

Bless the path you’ve shaped with your becoming.
Bless yourself, arriving.

The tide is calling

unmoor your boat

Build a new body of experience


If you’re going through one of those narrow places in your life where you feel alone and unprotected — that trapped, not-enough-air-to-breathe feeling where the walls of your world loom over you, steep and hard-edged, and there’s no inspiring star to guide you — please know that this is a passage in which we all find ourselves bewildered, from time to time.

When your past experiences echo this story (you, alone, slogging through the clay and grit of joyless work, teeth clenched, heart sore), then finding your way out into the clear sky of relationship, into the intimate truth of interdependence — can taste like despair in your mouth.

Yet, when you feel most attenuated by time and circumstance, you are still cradled in a living lap of love and relationship. It breathes with you. It holds you in infinite tenderness, this lap of the Sacred Earth. This lap of sweet, sweet belonging.

Every breath you breathe is a gift, from the Earth to you, from the Sacred to you, from your soul to you.

There’s a simple way to find your way home, to snuggle back into the lap of the world.

It’s the magic of loving attention to what is. It restores you to the wide open horizon of love and belonging.

Love what’s in front of you.

Love the air that enters your nostrils and sustains your life.

Savor your breakfast. Love the bowl from which you eat. Love the table on which you rest your elbow. Love the sunlight that warms your hand and gilds your fingertips.

Love begets love.

Feel the love that flows to you from the everyday objects in your home. They are not conscious in the way that you are conscious, but they are emanations of the Sacred too. Love them, and they’ll love you back.

Everything responds to love. Everything becomes more fully and radiantly itself, in the light of love and appreciation.

Give yourself the gift of loving things as they are.

When you see the walls of your home through the eyes of love, they are shelter and belonging, sanctuary and the kiss of your Beloved.

Love the chair that holds you, the desk that lends itself so patiently to your work, the generous floor that supports your feet. Discover the miracle at the heart of their being — they are Love incarnate, Love expressing Itself in these humble, beautiful forms.

As you extend your love to the world around you, every object and life-form reveals its secret, shining self. You rediscover the truth of your place in the world — you are a star in a glowing galaxy of love and communion.

This is the gift of incarnation, this radiant web of love and connection that unites us. This is your soul’s inheritance.

You are held by grace and gravity in intimate relationship with all of creation.

Play with this. Discover it in your own body, in your own felt sense of how and where you belong.

Trust is built through experience. Choose to build a body of experience through which the light of your life can illumine your world.

Every cell in your body knows its place in wholeness. Focus your attention there — on the star that is you, on your place in the galaxy of being — and discover the miracles that are unfolding within and all around you, in this very moment.

Go where you belong

go go where desire

This and That

desire's shimmering cartography

The accidental everyday of Mystery revealed

there are pathways

  • You are a sovereign being,
    a fractal of the Sacred,
    a fractal of Wholeness.
  • The flow of your life.
    The soul of your business.
  • Grow your business.
    Grow yourself.
  • Expand your life. Evolve your business.
  • The art of alignment. The miracle of action.
  • Trust in the power of your perfect unfolding.
  • Permission to grow, to flow, to know.
  • You learn about freedom by experiencing what it feels like to be bound.
  • Beyond your beliefs, beyond your drama — the truth of your life.
  • Success is becoming the person who can ask for hugs and holding when your own strength has deserted you.
  • Embrace the mystery at the heart of creation.
  • Your soul sends out tendrils of light and fragrance into the world.
  • You are the gift — and the giver.
    You are the Love, and the lover.
  • At the heart of all things — even limiting beliefs and painful programming — is wholeness.
  • Surrender is an act of will. It is aligning your will with the will of the Sacred.
  • You learn about sovereignty through the experience of being dethroned.
  • Love transforms.
  • Your soul's purpose is to participate in wholeness, to express wholeness.
  • True Desire is a messenger of your soul.
    It leads directly to your soul’s purposes.
  • Unfold the miracle of your life and business.
  • Business = Love in action.
  • Everything you need is already within you, waiting to unfold and express itself.
  • Your inner world shapes your outer world.
    Success is an inside job.
  • You are the story, and the story-maker.
    Your life is yours to shape.