Become Your Own Business Adviser

Become Your Own Business Adviser

12 weeks. 12 lessons. Infinite ways to activate your inner knowing — and create a richly fulfilling, soul-centered, profitable business.

The next session of BYOBA begins on Monday, April 4, 2016. Registration for the April 2016 session is now closed.

Listen in as BYOBA alumnus, Karina Ladet, interviews Hiro Boga about Become Your Business Adviser. They talk about the practical details: what the program does for participants, how and why energy alchemy works, how it helps people in the program create miracles in their lives and businesses.

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Listen in as Jen Louden interviews Hiro Boga about desire, power, service, and the Become Your Business Adviser program.

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Become Your Own Business Adviser is a 12-week program for creative entrepreneurs in which soul and strategy, practical skills and inspired action walk hand-in-hand to help you create a business that fits you perfectly.

And, it’s unlike any other business-building program you’ll ever take.

It is — as one collaborator put it — “one of the most powerful programs I’ve ever experienced.” It is a sanctuary, a safe haven, and a sacred place for miracles to unfold.

What kinds of miracles, you might ask?

Practical miracles. Miracles of prosperity and profound fulfillment.

Miracles like these:

“I’ve just had the best three months in my business, ever. Revenue is up 54% over last year…”
“I launched BlissRoot, the devotional record label I’d been dreaming about for ages…”
“Out of the blue, I was invited to a highly exclusive, two-day industry retreat at a major venue …”
“I moved through a wall of obstacles that I had kept hitting, in the past, whenever I wanted to increase my public profile …”
“My business is solid, expanding on its own, and the right clients are just showing up over and over again.”

These miracles aren’t accidents, of course — each one is the result of deep inner work and focused, purposeful action, wrapped in tender support. The kind of support you’ll find, every week, inside Become Your Own Business Adviser.

The next session of Become Your Own Business Adviser begins on April 4, 2016. And if the last twelve sessions of the program are any indication, it’s going to be rich with miracles. To grow & flourish, through your heart’s work; to make your most expansive vision happen in collaboration with the soul of your business — what could be more miraculous?

This is the beginning of a new chapter in the story of your livelihood & legacy.

  • Learn more about what you’ll receive.
  • Experience the profound transformation that happens when you dissolve inner obstacles and create with the full power of your unfettered soul.
  • And, if your inner adviser is already whispering “yes…
  • …then join us for Become Your Own Business Adviser.

The powers of wholeness will take care of the rest.

  • You are a sovereign being,
    a fractal of the Sacred,
    a fractal of Wholeness.
  • The flow of your life.
    The soul of your business.
  • Grow your business.
    Grow yourself.
  • Expand your life. Evolve your business.
  • The art of alignment. The miracle of action.
  • Trust in the power of your perfect unfolding.
  • Permission to grow, to flow, to know.
  • You learn about freedom by experiencing what it feels like to be bound.
  • Beyond your beliefs, beyond your drama — the truth of your life.
  • Success is becoming the person who can ask for hugs and holding when your own strength has deserted you.
  • Embrace the mystery at the heart of creation.
  • Your soul sends out tendrils of light and fragrance into the world.
  • You are the gift — and the giver.
    You are the Love, and the lover.
  • At the heart of all things — even limiting beliefs and painful programming — is wholeness.
  • Surrender is an act of will. It is aligning your will with the will of the Sacred.
  • You learn about sovereignty through the experience of being dethroned.
  • Love transforms.
  • Your soul's purpose is to participate in wholeness, to express wholeness.
  • True Desire is a messenger of your soul.
    It leads directly to your soul’s purposes.
  • Unfold the miracle of your life and business.
  • Business = Love in action.
  • Everything you need is already within you, waiting to unfold and express itself.
  • Your inner world shapes your outer world.
    Success is an inside job.
  • You are the story, and the story-maker.
    Your life is yours to shape.